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Jean-Philippe Gatien leaves Paris in 2024

It was through a press release that Paris 2024 announced the departure of Jean-Philippe Gatien, who has been present since the launch of the project 8 years ago, in particular, together with Bernard Lapassé, former co-chair of the bid committee (together with Tony Estanguet).

“Jean-Philippe Gatien has played a key role throughout the life of Paris 2024 since the birth of Olympic ambitions in 2014, as co-chair of the high-level working group. Director of Sports since the creation of the bid committee and then on the organizing committee in 2017, he has structured the sports program and strengthened links with the entire French and international sports ecosystem Paris 2024 Organizing Committee, which “wishes to welcome the commitment of a passionate man imbued with Olympic values ​​and a benevolent leader appreciated by all.”

If the site map does not stabilize 100% (questions remain regarding the basketball court in Lille), the departure of Jean-Philippe Gatien, two-time Olympic medalist in table tennis, is the result of a personal choice related, in particular, to the frantic pace at which Cojo is engaged since 2017. Aurélie Merle, director of sports competitions, succeeds him as head of the sports department.

Source: Le Parisien

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