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Will Dani Alves be released from prison?

decisive hours for Daniel Alves. This Tuesday the Barcelona Court will announce whether the Brazilian will be released from prison where he is or remains there for the duration of his trial for alleged sexual assault.

The Prosecutor’s Office has asked the Barcelona Court to keep the former UNAM Pumas in prison because, according to their arguments, there is multiple evidence that incriminates him, including DNA.

defense of Daniel Alvesnow led by the lawyer Cristóbal Martell, filed an appeal a few days ago so that the footballer could face the process on probation.

To achieve his goal, Martell explained that his client has sentimental and financial roots in Barcelona, ​​since he maintains two companies.

What happens if they release Dani Alves?

If the Brazilian leaves the Brians 2 facilities, he would face his trial on probation, accepting certain requirements such as disbursing a large sum of money, in addition to his passport and accepting the use of an electronic anklet that shows his real location at all times. Likewise, he must appear every few days in court.

Why is Dani Alves in prison?

Dani Alves was sent to prison after being denounced by a woman for an alleged sexual assault committed in a Barcelona nightclub at the end of December last year.

“The magistrate has agreed to the provisional detention communicated and without bail for an open cause for the crime of sexual assault,” the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (northeast) reported in a statement.

The Brazilian soccer player, in this way, is deprived of his freedom until the respective trial is carried out for this case that has become world news.

Source: Elcomercio

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