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“Fernando Alonso has appeared as the hope of breaking the status quo of F1”

The years and the evolution mean that all businesses, all of them, tend to become mechanized. Metrics, technology and competitiveness tend to downplay inspiration to give greater prominence to automation, which is ultimately a safer and more efficient path.

The Formula One has also followed this trend. We will always hear the oldest fans claim that today there is no room for creativity in the category, that almost everything is the product of what the car is capable of doing (do not more than one accuse that Lewis Hamilton’s titles are a consequence of that he had the best monoposto on the grid?) and that they call him “Future”, they reply.

In the midst of this reality and a category that fears having another year of boredom, typical of what the exercise of an absolute monarchy produces like the one that has been unfolding Red Bull and Verstappen, an old acquaintance has appeared as the hope of breaking the status quo. A forty-something with more than 350 races, a two-time champion who has faced Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya and David Coultharda pilot who got his first victory in the division (2003) when Max Verstappen faced the challenge of starting primary school education.

In a category without surprises, the illusion for this year seems to be on the shoulders of Fernando Alonso. The one who has evolved with the category, who knows how to do the unexpected on the track, the one who grew up in motorsport as the old customs recite. The one who, on the verge of goodbye, knows that he no longer has to lose, but has the wrists to still deploy some tricks on the asphalt river of the division. From a mortal who wants to have his “last dance”.

Can Fernando Alonso win the title in 2023? Difficult. Although Aston Martin has improved a lot and today it marches in the leading battalion, what was seen on the first date seems to be a chilling continuity of the predominance of Red Bull. However, everything indicates that he will have many podiums and that he will break the Max-Checo tandem (which is not up to supporting more drama these days). In addition, it seems that his car will surpass the Mercedes – with the respective tantrum from Hamilton that will mean – and that his experience could make a frustrated Leclerc look worse as he goes from hazing to hazing.

Let’s dream for a while. Because no matter how much life is automated every day, the illusion is always maintained.

Source: Elcomercio

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