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Three reds and undefeated loss: University pays his hot head in Sullana | CHRONICLE

A highly demanding match for both teams, because Universitario had been under pressure after Alianza Lima took a five-point advantage at the top of the Apertura and Alianza Atlético with seven games without winning and with a new coach on the bench after Carlos left wish.

For this reason, from the beginning each split play was played with high intensity, a lot of friction and bad decisions on both teams. That is why the first half ended with two reds and one yellow in the ‘U’ and one expulsion and two yellows in Alianza Atlético. What is striking is that the two red creams (Cabanillas and Corzo) arrived in added time in the first half for non-soccer reasons.

In the second part, Ureña wanted to claim justice by his own means after Sullana’s goal, which the creams considered should have been invalidated due to a previous foul. An iron shot took him out of the game and left the creams with eight men.

Augusto Menéndez’s arbitration never went unnoticed due to decisions that conditioned the players. He sent off well in each case, Perleche red for a terrible ironing, Cabanillas for making fun of the fourth official, Corzo for an attack and in the second half Ureña for the bad tackle.

The famous “did not know how to handle the game” was repeated in the Piura field. Because each foul was an excessive demand for a yellow to be shown and a foul that did not require a warning cost Pizzorno the second yellow in the second half.

The creams claimed the red card to Cabanillas and the foul on Bolívar before the second goal of the sullanenses as unfair. Fossati and the same administrator Jean Ferrari complained from the rostrum. They claim that Piero Serra should also have seen the red in the attempt with Aldo Corzo and that Manzaneda should have been fired for celebrating in front of Universitario fans in what can be considered provocation.

bad reaction

Universitario fell in the first half after a great goal from Guillermo Larios in a great play from the right of the locals. Despite being with the score against and the reds, the creams were in a match with Calcaterra’s tie at the head. Even at 2-1, I was still in the match with the 10 vs. 9 duel on the pitch. With Ureña’s red card, everything went uphill, but despite this they were only one goal away, until Roger Torres sentenced at 86′.

The University paid dearly for his hot head in the Sullana oven. Bad arbitration caused the creams to react with events unrelated to the game itself and thus suffered two avoidable red cards. Cabanillas applauded the linesman after a bad serve and Corzo attacked Piero Serra placing his hand on his face.

Hot head at the moment of greatest pressure that not even Ureña could control, remembering his expulsion against Mannucci when he took the ball from the referee after a penalty taken against the creams.

Jean Ferrari, administrator of Universitario, requests international arbitration, but he must also demand fewer reds from his players: he has six in the last six games.

Homework for Jorge Fossati. The Uruguayan lost his unbeaten record in twelve games and the creams were five points behind the leader Alianza Lima, who if tomorrow they beat Deportivo Municipal in their field will take eight points, with options to win the Apertura Tournament with good results in Arequipa and Binacional.

Source: Elcomercio

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