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The Sabbag hierarchy is not enough: the UnoxUno of the defeat of the Alliance that falls back in height

Thinking of Libertad, Guillermo Salas left several team figures in Lima: Andrés Andrade, Carlos Zambrano, Bryan Reyna, Ricardo Lagos and Gino Peruzzi, players who make a difference in their positions. And he sent an alternate team, including Nicholas Amasifuen, the 17-year-old left-back who played his second game in the professional league and his first from the start. He made his debut a few weeks ago in the win against Cantolao playing 12 minutes.

Beyond the fact that it was in the plans to lose, defeat is painful for the intimate team. Especially since the goal that gave victory to the Mistianos came after 95 minutes through Bernardo Cuesta. It is the first time in the Salas era that Alianza has received a goal in the final minutes of a match. Poor communication between the goalkeeper Frank Saravia and Aldair Rodríguez It triggered a corner kick that ended with Cuesta pushing the ball.

In this way, Alianza returns to get a bad result in height this year. The balance was even with a defeat (2-1 vs. Sport Huancayo) and a win (1-0 against UTC with a goal from Sabbag who knows what it is to score outside of Lima) but now he leaned towards the side that the aliancistas did not they were used to Chicho in the bank. In fact, a fall that shortens the advantage of the Victorians to five points over Universitario, their closest pursuer.

Lima Alliance
36 points.
31 points.
vs. binational
vs. UTC
Heroes of San Ramón – Cajamarca
vs. ADT
Huancayo Stadium – Huancayo
vs. Cusco FC
vs. Mr. Garcilaso
Date to be confirmed
vs. S. Huancayo
Huancayo Stadium – Huancayo
Date to be confirmed

Sabbag, hierarchy confirmed

Of the usual headlines in the field, Pablo Sabbag He was the blue and white figure thanks to his goal. At minute 53, the Colombian took advantage of a rebound in the area to put the temporary tie after Pablo Magnin had put the mistianos ahead before the end of the first half (45′). The ‘Sheikh’ was practically alone in attack, fighting with the rival defenders, but he managed to score his seventh goal in the Apertura and be Alianza’s top scorer.

Despite the defensive approach that Salas proposed, the two wingers also stood out. aldair rodriguez to the left and Franco Zanelatto to the right. Both with the mission of supporting the full-backs in defense and reaching the bottom line in attacks. In fact, Aldair was able to score a great goal from outside the area but his shot hit the post of the goal guarded by Carlos Caceda. Franco, for his part, almost always won the line with speed and tried to partner with Jairo Concha.

Pablo Sabbag
The figure

The Colombian striker has seven goals in eleven games in the Apertura Tournament and one more in the Copa Libertadores. He has a contract until the end of the year.

debt in defense

It was a defensive line with four players who in the year had not played together for a single minute. edinson chavez as a right back amasifuen on the left and in the middle the duo made up of Yordi Vilchez and Santiago Garcia. A blue and white wall that was working until the error between the center-backs in Magnín’s goal.

Chávez was almost never able to go on the attack and had a separate duel with Bernardo Cuesta. Vílchez, for his part, was very imprecise with the passes, whether long or short. He had a hard time supporting Edinson. However, Amasifuen had a great game. Although it is true that he is 17 years old and is taking his first steps, that does not exempt him from the mistakes made to close his band.

A new midfield and Concha’s sacrifice

Cornered by the approach and the long game, to Jairo Concha it was difficult for him to find himself in the field. Although he was the second player in the intimate team with the best pass accuracy (77%, behind Santiago García’s 97%), it was difficult for the ’10’ to associate with his teammates for one reason only: there was no one with whom. The only one that showed up was Franco Zanelatto and, at times, Pablo Sabbag.

So much Oswaldo Valenzuela as jesus castillo they were more focused on defending and pressing, and not on maintaining possession of the ball. For this reason, Concha was in charge of making the team play, although without teammates nearby, it was very difficult.

In the second half, almost at the end, Salas brought in Paul Lavandeira in the middle, Pablo Miguez as central and Hernan Boats as ‘9’. Although this time the changes did not work and Alianza returned from Arequipa with a defeat behind them. The slogan now is to win Libertad for the Copa Libertadores, otherwise the decision for this Friday’s clash (leaving out the headlines) can be very expensive.

Source: Elcomercio

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