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Gabriel Costa: “It is a team of figures, yes, but humble and happy with merit is having become a family”

How do you take the moment of Alliance?

We are in a very nice moment, enjoying ourselves. Everyone knowing that the club is doing well, the team also because of its performance.

Beyond the rivalry and the latest comments, it is good that Alianza and the ‘U’ fight a tournament for the good of Peruvian football…

Yes, good. Obviously we prepare to win, to be there, fighting. We aim for that, that is our goal. We are enjoying what we do, always looking out for us.

You said that you are not surprised by Chicho Salas, what defines the coach at the moment?

Chicho Salas has gotten along well. He’s doing very well and he’s just getting started. He has put together a good team and he does it very well.

And there is so much competition that sometimes it is necessary to be there and in others not…

Each player that is in the club is prepared and Chicho makes the decision. He is going to put the one who is better and each one is doing well. Salas is making good decisions and will continue like this.

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What is Alliance playing?

We are considering as teams some forms of play. On the one hand, we associate, on the other we are more direct. We try to generate that with players with capacity and we have to finish with the goals. It’s good that everyone writes down, if one is not there, the other appears. We are complementing each other well, a good group has been made.

What do you feel you lack to complete a great performance?

We are fine… Not only one plays so we have to support from the place we are with the same desire. Touch whoever touches it, you have to do it in the best way.

How to control a team with so many figures?

Everyone has humility, the theme is the desire to compete, to be there, to continue growing as a player, as a team. That is the plus that the team gives us, that we are all psyched up. We all want the same. That leads us to be a happy team, like a family.

Does it bother you that from the outside, more than talking about good players, you talk about expensive players or thousands of dollars of investment?

That is no longer up to us. They hire us to play soccer. That is what is talked about outside, inside the field one forgets and the results are with us and the team is fine.

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Is there a separate responsibility for being Gabriel Costa and what does your name mean today?

Obviously, but anyone who wears this jersey has a responsibility when they enter the field, from the youth to the experienced. It always marks a responsibility for you to carry that of Alianza, the largest in the country, a great desire to want to be there, to want to represent the institution in the best way. One has the responsibility of wanting to be and it is beautiful.

How did you take your return to the club?

The first arrival was getting used to and adapting. This second round is different. He finds me with a journey, well in my career, good age, in good physical condition, strong mentality. I arrive at my best moment and I am enjoying it.

Why Alianza and not other options?

They are decisions that one makes to continue improving with the family. I always had the intention of returning because of the option that the country gave me, which opened its doors for me the first time. I feel very comfortable and happy.

The Cup matches are coming… Libertad was enjoyed, but how to get up after what you experienced in Mineiro?

That’s when you realize that the team is fine. Players who had not been playing and did well against Libertad. It is not historical, but it reflects that we are well. A game doesn’t mean anything, but it was important. Then, against Mineiro, they are different matches, than with Libertad. Now what we have to do is prepare those games that are so beautiful to play.

Does it give you peace of mind that everything is defined in Matute?

We can consider the future, but what marks is the present. Prepare for the game that is coming to win the Apertura. We have the responsibility to win it.

You said a couple of months ago that no one from the team has contacted you. Has something changed at the moment?

Nothing has changed. I am focused on Alianza and well… if it comes, fine, but the focus is on Alianza.

From last season, Gareca said that he did not consider you in the playoff game for game reasons, especially air defense. Did that explanation convince you?

The technicians make decisions and the decision was not to take me into account. I respect her and I will always be grateful to Ricardo Gareca.

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