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Hernán Barcos and the pleasure of celebrating in Matute: the leader who makes Cueva and Zambrano celebrate their first title with Alianza | CHRONICLE

Alianza was crowned in the Apertura Tournament after beating Binacional 6-1. This time, they took advantage of the cream drop in Cajamarca to gain an eight-point advantage with two dates to go and thus seal the first tournament of the year and thereby secure a place in the playoffs for the title.

And he wins the Apertura Alianza with solvency, with authority, with the weight of level players who prove their worth on the field like Hernán Barcos, a ‘9′ who makes the whole team play and who is capable of ‘sacrificing’ a goal for his ‘hat-trick’ so that his friend Pablo Lavandeira also scored – he gave him a pass in the penalty as Messi did with Luis Suárez when they played for Barcelona.

And he is a leader who works until after the final whistle. Hug with Cueva before the cameras, words of praise for the 10 who was with the saint from behind but who appeared tonight as expected. It is that the duo Barcos-Cueva is the one that is best understood in the field.

“I feel happy to achieve an important goal; It’s really been hard personally, but I’ve always known that this race is beautiful, it’s not easy, but I have wonderful colleagues who support me. The case of Hernán Barcos is something special since I arrived, he gave me his support ”

christian cave

And they win the Apertura with an eight-point advantage with two games to go and with a defeat by WO on the first day. That marks the big difference that the blue and white team has shown in the year. From the hand of Chicho Salas, he knew how to put together the eleven that will seek the three-time championship. From Zambrano’s safety, Castillo’s dedication, Sabbag’s goals, Reyna’s ability, Cueva’s talent and, above all, from the Barcos hierarchy.

And so the ‘Kaiser’ celebrates his first title in Peruvian soccer and nothing less than with the shirt he loves so much. And finally Cueva achieves it with the blue and whites –he was champion with San Martín–, and Chicho continues to make history with more titles at home since he was a player, assistant and now as a coach.

Zambrano perhaps as the best player on the squad, for what he gives to the defense despite some errors. But “León” is a total hierarchy for Peruvian football. While Cueva finally has a good night in Matute to silence the criticism that was heard.

“It is a dream come true. I am privileged to be here, they are inexplicable feelings. I knew that if I played in Peru it would be in Alianza and to belong to the club of my love and to win the Apertura with two dates to go is a tremendous joy”.

Carlos Zambrano

And the names will continue, but Alianza becomes great from its people, its history and the well-developed plan. Because in La Victoria since the crisis in 2020 it was understood that the shirt alone does not win and a squad was put together with figures who understood that before you had to be good friends.

This is the path of the intimate towards the ‘tri’ and he has everything to achieve it.

How the title is defined

And he points to Alianza Lima to win the three-time championship

If he wins the Clausura Tournament, he will be an automatic champion, as in 1997 and 2017, since it takes place in the two short tournaments of the year.

If he finishes in the top two of the Accumulated Table, he will directly enter the final as he did last year.

If he does not achieve the first two, but ends up in the top eight of the contest, he will have a place in the semifinals together with the first two of the Accumulated and the winner of the Clausura.

How the title is defined

“We are doing quite well, we hope to continue like this. There are no limits, you have to keep improving, you don’t stop learning and you always aspire to more. The Clausura championship will be more difficult”.

chicho salas

Source: Elcomercio

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