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Seven reds and four defeats: the terrible balance of the ‘U’ outside Lima that condemned him in the Apertura

academic it is one playing at home, in the Monumental, and a totally different one leaving Lima. With the Copa Sudamericana in the middle, Fossati’s ‘U’ went from overwhelming César Vallejo (4-0) a week ago to lose 1-0 to UTC in Cajamarca with very low individual yields compared to usual. The creams had to win to extend the Alianza Lima festivities, but they couldn’t. The intimate thrashed Binacional and were proclaimed champions of the Apertura Tournament.

It is already a constant: Universitario has a hard time leaving Lima. And it was demonstrated this Sunday afternoon in Cajamarca. Randazzo’s goal guessed the fourth defeat of the meringues in six games played in the province. They also fell in front of Unión Comercio, Carlos Mannucci, Alianza Atlético and now UTC; the first two with Carlos Compagnucci on the substitute bench. they only defeated binational in Juliaca and tied with Deportivo Garcilaso in Cusco.

To fight a tournament, it is not enough to just win everything at home. And this Opening is the clearest example. At home, the U had seven wins out of eight games (they only lost to Alianza Lima).

Lima Alliance
outside Lima
outside Lima
0-1 vs. UTC1-0 vs. Trade
2-1 vs. Huancayo2-0 vs. mannucci
1-2 vs. Grau1-2 vs. binational
0-1 vs. A. Athletic0-0 vs. Mr. Garcilaso
1-3 vs. Trade3-1 vs. A. Athletic
1-0 vs. melgar1-0 vs. UTC
* Victories in bold

The result practically makes the merengue cast say goodbye to the Opening. Only a miracle could reverse the difficult situation. Now it will be time to adjust pieces and think about the Clausura where they will visit Melgar, ADT, Cienciano, Grau, Vallejo and Cusco FC. Complicated places too.

Although what is most striking – and worries the cream fan – is the other constant that has occurred in the defeats in the province: the expulsions.

The Achilles heel of the ‘U’

It is impossible to affirm that if Williams Riveros did not commit those two fouls in midfield, far from the goal guarded by Carvallo and with the rival without a chance to do any damage, Universitario would have come back against UTC. But it is not difficult to accept that the recklessness of the center-back made his team look for the feat at a numerical disadvantage. So it’s complicated.

The creams have not only found it difficult to prevail in the province, but they almost always had to play with fewer men. In front of Mannucci, Matias Di Benedetto and Rodrigo Urena they went to the showers early. The defender for receiving two warnings and the midfielder for attacking a rival.

Aldo Corzo receiving a red card against A. Atlético.

Against Deportivo Garcilaso in Cusco the turn was Nelson Cabanillas, who saw the red after two fouls committed. Perhaps the most controversial match occurred in Sullana against Alianza Atlético. Cabanillas, Aldo Corzo and Urena They were sent off directly by referee Augusto Menéndez. The first for applauding the linesman in a gesture of irony -and according to the referee’s report also insulting him-, the second for direct assault on a rival, and the third for a disqualifying foul that could cost him more suspension dates.

Riveros it became the tenth expulsion and he will miss the next match against Cusco FC at the Monumental. His place could be taken by Marco Sarabia, although the concern at the moment is more about the ease with which the cream players leave their team at a disadvantage.

Source: Elcomercio

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