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The Cueva that everyone wants to see and the figure of Boats: the UnoxUno of Alianza in the win that gave him the Apertura

In the first minutes he showed himself more, he generated fouls and even in one play he left Franco Zanelatto alone with a great cut pass, who could not make the magnificent play of ’23′.

The passing of the minutes, with the score 1-1 thanks to goals by Jesús Castillo for Alianza and Oncoy for Binacional after a blunder by goalkeeper Franco Saravia, was more noticeable in the offensive midfielder. Cueva got tired and stopped appearing, he showed little and it was difficult for him to create with the ball at his feet. His impetus played a trick on him and made him try to press some starts where it was not necessary and he ended up exhausting himself.

As at the start of the game, the first minutes of the second half were Christian’s again. Already with the tranquility that Barcos’ goal generated, who precisely defined after a rebound left by goalkeeper Enríquez before a shot by Cueva himself, ‘

At 77′, Chicho Salas decided to take him off the field and this time applause and praise fell from the stands. No more criticism, no more requests to improve his performance. Cueva had his big night in Matute the day he won his first title as a blue and white. And the fans celebrated because they were waiting for just that: to see Christian shine, although everyone agrees that there is a margin for his top performance.


Hernán Barcos, the great figure

Separate paragraph for Hernan Boats, the great figure of the night. The ‘Pirate’ replaced the suspended Pablo Sabbag and scored a double that could have been a triple if it weren’t for the madness committed in the last goal, that of Pablo Lavandeira. In the end he finished with two celebrations, an assist, a perfect score in the assessment of Full sport and the applause of the almost 30,000 fans who attended the Alejandro Villanueva stadium.

At 88 minutes, the Argentine was brought down in the box. He took the ball, placed it on the white point and, when everyone thought he was going to finish off, he decided to touch it with the sole of his foot so that Lavandeira ran over from behind, beat Romero in strength, and scored the fifth goal of the night. In the same style as Messi and Suárez with Barcelona, ​​Hernán and Pablo made everyone delirious in Matute.

Hernan Boats
his 35 goals in Alianza Lima

2021: 11 goals

2022: 18 goals

2023: 6 goals

-24 goals with right

-5 goals with left

-6 headed goals

-7 penalty goals

Source: @MarianoLopezV

The analysis of those who also played

Back to front. frank saravia He did not have a night according to his companions. He made a mistake that meant the transitory tie for Binacional. Later he did not have much work because the defensive saga, made up of Yordi Vilchez as a left back Carlos Zambrano and santiago garcia as central, and Ricardo Lagos by left.

vilchez He was perhaps the most affected of all with the constant attacks by Andy Polar’s band, but the defender didn’t have much trouble. Zambrano received a yellow card and was suspended for the next game, while Garcia He was again the team’s exit pass. lakes He continues to maintain his good level and is the defense that adds the most to the attack.

In midfield, the duo Ballon-Castle She is the one who maintains the balance in the team. While Jesus runs to everyone who is not wearing a blue and white shirt, Josepmir is in charge of covering the spaces and covering the backs of his companions.

Jesús Castillo scored his first goal of the season with Alianza Lima.  (Photo: GEC)

for the bands, Bryan Reina He was once again that unbalancing and fast winger that leaves rivals stacked up like cones. His goal rounded off his great game. To the other side, Zanelatto He had a good first half, with diagonals that do so much damage to rival defenders. But he was traded at halftime due to injury.

Gabriel Costa and Jairo Concha They entered to add minutes on that path that both have in search of recovering their best version. Pablo Miguez replaced Carlos Zambrano with the game already controlled, so he did not suffer any problems and aldair rodriguez He came in to do his thing: overflow, press and support in defense. Lavandeira put the cherry on the cake with his goal.

Matute was a party again. She saw shine again Hernan Boats and gave way to christian cave, the crack that everyone expects to break it. Alianza Lima celebrates the Apertura Tournament, the first title of the year, and the dream of winning the three-time championship is getting closer.

Source: Elcomercio

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