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“When the best player in history has just gone into retirement in Miami, Haaland emerges to be the next Ballon d’Or” | ANALYSIS

Machines also cry. Erling Haaland He transformed his rigid, inflexible face, like a laboratory, into a red, red figure, bathed in tears. The “Android” showed the most human side of her and collapsed with emotion after winning his first Champions League. Perhaps there is in his joy the secret that an era has begun today and he signs it. He was the top scorer of the tournament with 12 goals, he did not score in the final or in the semis, but he celebrated as if he had scored a hat trick. It is that for Erling the Champions League was his obsession, not necessarily the goal (despite the fact that he is the best at it). This glory Saturday is an announcement: this 2023 has been yours.

It is known that the Norwegian has the magnificent anthem of the tournament as a ringtone for his cell phone. “I love this competition and it is also a very beautiful song”, once declared to the media. Little Erling was impressed by the celebrations, the joy of those who achieve glory, and he vowed to be one of them sometime.

His will to achieve the objective has resisted any criticism, any pressure from the networks, the fans and the press. “City knows how to win the Premier without me. The only thing they miss is the Champions League. I have come here for a reason”He declared in the preview without a hint of a doubt.

Erling Haaland
He is the Champions League scorer with twelve goals

Haaland goes for the Ballon d’Or

The match was raised after the expected: Inter in the cave, City loading the favorite plate. Rodrigo, who scored the only goal of the game after 67 minutesdefined the procedure with an accurate phrase: “I was horrible, I was dead, but I scored the goal in the final”.

And Haaland? He didn’t play for 8 points. He was missing, but it is also true that, faced with such a threat, the Inter coach locked him up, surrounding him with Acerbi, Brozovich, Çalhanoğlu and Barella. He was not drowned, but the paths were cut well to receive goal passes from his best partner, kevin debruyne.

Despite the awkwardness of their game, the duo managed to find spaces and Haaland he was able to land a left-footed shot at 27′, but the goalkeeper Onana from Inter, well placed, stopped the shot. Ten minutes later Kevin was subbed off due to injury and the Norwegian was left alone up top, fighting against one of the toughest defenses in Europe. His frustration was already noticeable at the end of the match, when they were taking care of the victory, and he earned his first yellow card for a brush with the goalkeeper of the Italian team. Then, like all the citizens, he dedicated himself to defending himself from the blue and black avalanche that was stalking them. But the title already had an owner.

For Haaland this Champions means the most desired cup in his showcase, for sure he will win more, but for soccer fans, his victory means a new hope. These are times of transformation, with Messi and Cristiano the paddock players are running out. and in the future king of football of this decade. The world -which does not stop- is waiting for the successor. Someone to get up early for on weekends. Someone to admire.

Source: Elcomercio

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