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Alianza Lima: what coach Guillermo Salas said after winning the Liga 1 Opening Tournament Betsson

Lima Alliance won the title of the Opening tournament of the League 1 Betsson by winning at home by a resounding 6-1 against Binacional. With two dates to go before the championship ends, the Blue and Whites were crowned the best in this competition. | News from the League 1 Betsson

One of the great architects of this achievement was the coach of the intimates, Guillermo ‘Chicho’ Salas, who managed to ensure that his team did not lose any of the games they played at home in the Matute stadium.

What did ‘Chicho’ Salas say after winning the Opening Tournament?

The strategist made reference to the statements made by the coach of the Peruvian Soccer Team, Juan Reynoso, who indicated that Peruvian coaches tend to get hit a lot.

In the midst of the celebrations, ‘Chicho’ Salas assured that obtaining the title represents the work of Peruvian technicians.

“I feel like the standard bearer for all the national coaches. There are very good technicians here (in Peru) and some are unemployed like Franco Navarro, Roberto Mosquera or Wilmar Valencia”, he assured.

“There are many references that have passed through here (the club) and they always communicate with me like Professor Pablo Bengoechea or Paulo Autuori, they are friendly people, who are always very aware of what happens in the institution. I am grateful to everyone who has given me support, ”he expressed to the Liga 1 Max cameras.

Likewise, the former soccer player emphasized the difficult moments they had to face and was grateful to the members of his technical command.

“It’s not just game day, it’s many things. If I told it, I would have to make a book. These are difficult situations that have to be resolved along the way in a team of great professionals. I want to thank all the medical staff, the nutrition area, the psychology area, security, cooking, the title belongs to everyone, ”he said.

Why didn’t Alianza receive the Opening Tournament trophy?

After the title of the Opening Tournament was achieved, many expected a great recognition ceremony for the intimate team in which they lifted the winners’ trophy, however, this celebration never took place.

As revealed by Liga 1 Max, during the broadcast of the match, there was an agreement between the leadership of Alianza Lima and the organization of the tournament so that the team led by Guillermo Salas receives recognition on the last day.

In this way, a great celebration is expected, next Friday, June 16, when it is their turn to face Deportivo Garcilaso at the Matute stadium.

Source: Elcomercio

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