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In the 7 Qualifiers, the seventh averaged 20 points and 18 goals: Is that what a team needs to go to the playoffs at least?

South America has more chances to go to the World Cup. That’s clear. The format will be everyone against everyone and FIFA will award 6 and a half places for South America. That is, 6 will directly enter the next World Cup and the seventh will play a playoff with a country from another continent.

The number of points with which the seventh place was achieved -the last and final chance to go to the cup- has been somewhat irregular since this format of all against all has existed since the process to France 1998. The average is 20 points , but the point turns have moved quite a bit. There have been countries that would have achieved it with 21 points (Uruguay on the way to 98) and others that achieved it with 18 (Chile en route to Qatar 2022). There have also been countries that would have done so with 18 (Bolivia in 2002), with 22 (Chile on the way to 2006), with 23 (Colombia in 2010) or with 24 (Paraguay in 2018). Peru in the process to Brazil 2014 could have achieved it with only 15 points.

And how many goals?

Posts in addition to points to think about the goals they need for such a place, the figures have been variable, but they do have a kind of relationship. Only on the road to Korea-Japan 2002 that seventh team scored 21 goals. The rest of the records were lower. Thus, there were 18 goals for France 98, 17 for Germany 2006, 14 for 2010, 17 for 2014 and 19 goals for the 2018 and 2022 campaigns. The average for the seventh in the 7 campaigns was 18 goals.

Peru in these processes has not exactly been a very scoring team. In fact, he was left out of France 98 on goal difference. In that contest he made 18 against 32 for Chile. In short, he did 18 (for 98), 14 (for 2002), 20 (for 2006), 11 (for 2010), 17 (for 2014), 27 (for 2018) and 19 (for 2022). ). On average 19 per contest (almost the same number that requires a seventh). Peru’s goal also means reaching minimum scorers. Homework for Juan Reynoso and his process.

Source: Elcomercio

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