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The true story of how Reynoso went from Alianza to the ‘U’ in the pen of Daniel Peredo

January 1993.

Vladimir Popovic’s team concentrated in El Pueblo preparing for the Copa América and the Qualifiers. After training, Juan Reynoso requested permission to attend Alianza’s presentation. Reynoso arrived at Matute, but avoided taking the official photo with the squad. “I haven’t signed the contract renewal yet,” he explained and returned to Santa Clara.

Days later, Alliance leaders went to the national concentration carrying the document. “Cabezón” agreed with the new contract, although he reminded them that there was a previous debt.

We are going to fulfill that debt.

-I know, but it’s better to put in writing what they owe me.

-Juan, you cannot doubt the word of ‘Beco’ Espantoso.

The managers became uncomfortable and cut the talk. This conversation came to light and Dr. Jorge Alva, a doctor for the team and a university student, called the cream president Jorge Nicolini.

-Don Jorge, it seems that Reynoso is not renewing with Alianza.

Jorge Nicolini and Alberto Espantoso were friends. After the rally, Reynoso returned to Lima and met with the Alliance leader. However, Espantoso was told that the footballer had “doubted” his word, and he received it badly. There was no agreement. The Alianza captain closed his cycle at the club. Afraid that his relationship with Espantoso would deteriorate, Nicolini commissioned the treasurer Raúl Montoya to negotiate. As soon as he found out that Reynoso was no longer in Matute, Montoya looked for him, made an offer and reached an agreement. Later, he took him to Chincha, to Nicolini’s summer house, so that he could close the contract, but Don Jorge wanted to keep things straight.

– ‘Beco’ is my friend, that the contract is signed by Alfredo González, who is also authorized.

The agreement became known in the press and Alianza executives began to pressure those of the ‘U’ with having betrayed them. Nicolini ordered that the document be torn up and there be no contract. Montoya confessed to Reynoso.

Okay, so I’m going to Cristal, because Mr. Lombardi called me, the ‘Cabezón’ invented a strategy.

The ‘U’ and Cristal had to play for the Libertadores and the creams did not want to empower the enemy. They bought the story, called the player back and drew up a new contract. Finally, Juan Reynoso and Alfredo González signed at the ‘Gordo’ office on Avenida República de Panamá. The most famous of the 90s had materialized. Also a rejection that knew how to be love. The one from the fans of Alianza to Reynoso.

Source: Elcomercio

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