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Reynoso’s board

After 13 years, the national team will once again be led by a Peruvian coach in the Qualifiers. The last one was Chemo del Solar, in the cycle that ended with the worst numbers since the process for France 98. Juan Reynoso will try to heal us from that recent wound that the bread left us when it burned on the door of the oven in Qatar.

The North American World Cup format should be an advantage. 16 more teams will participate and there will be 40 extra matches compared to the last world cups. For the Conmebol zone, which includes ten countries, this means an increase that goes from four and a half places to six and a half places in the next event.

There are pieces that have changed position on the Reynoso board. In recent times, André Carrillo stopped being a winger to become a midfielder in Arab football; Luis Advíncula advanced lines from side to winger of Boca; Renato Tapia was relocated from containment to the central defense of Spanish Celta. The positions and functions that these footballers occupy will largely have to do with the scheme decided by the coach.

Regarding the foreign players, let’s talk about the rhythm. After the European holidays, Tapia, López and Callens have added a few minutes on the pitch. Those of the MLS have had more filming: Abram, Trauco, Ruidíaz, Cartagena and Gallese. It will also have young talents, such as Piero Quispe and Joao Grimaldo, two players who dazzle and with the potential to be decisive. They will be, perhaps, a preview of the generational change.

Source: Elcomercio

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