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Oliver Sonne and the plan he must follow to be in the matches against Chile and Argentina

With Reynoso there is finally something that can be anticipated, that can be known in advance: if the players are not 100%, they will not be on your list. And this was confirmed yesterday when the local squad for the Peruvian team was announced. Once again he left out Christian Cueva and Edison Flores and cited players like Franco Zanelatto, having a good time in Alianza – it is his first call -, the return of Jairo Concha and the constant for Piero Quispe.

Although the list is local, with Under 23 players – for next year’s South American – and some who play at altitude, thinking about the duel in La Paz against Bolivia in November, Reynoso did not escape the topic of Oliver Sonne, of whom He confirmed that all his papers are in order and he will be summoned next week.

At 22 years old, Sonne will visit Peru and will dress in Bicolor. Although Reynoso always has a plan to incorporate young people into the national team, the coach assured that in the case of Oliver, his call will be thinking about him being part of the list for the matches against Chile and Argentina, although it will also depend on how The Danish-Peruvian adapts to being in the national team.

For Reynoso it is important that the young people know the universe of the team, that they integrate with the references, that they enjoy the Videna, but with Sonne those steps will have to be taken in a few days so that he can be considered for the matches.

“We have to see what parameters it is in for the team that competes like ours. See how he lives together, how he communicates,” said the coach, who said that the footballer is studying English so that he can communicate with his teammates, since his original language is Danish.

For this, the ideal is for Sonne to be in Videna as soon as possible. Silkeborg plays on Friday in the Danish league against Lyngby, so it could be that they can arrive in Lima on Saturday or Sunday. Every hour adds up for the defender.

“With his level it is enough for him and that is why he is there. He is in a good position in his club and that is what we ask of the players,” Reynoso stated about who will be the big news in the national team, like the arrival of Gianluca Lapadula three years ago.

As is known, Oliver Sonne plays as a right back for his club, but he can also be an inside midfielder. Videna really likes that at 22 years old he has a lot of continuity at Silkeborg – he has played all 10 games of the season – and that he is 1.84 tall, above the average height in the national team.

“This is what we are looking for with the nationalized players, that they can play two or three Qualifiers,” says Reynoso regarding the call of Oliver Sonne (22 years old) and Franco Zanelatto (23), a player born in Paraguay but who has lived in Peru since he was a child. They are the new faces for the Bicolor.

Source: Elcomercio

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