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“It’s something big for me, I hope I don’t disappoint you”: detail by detail, this was Sonne’s first day of training in the national team

There are many ways to show commitment to a project and in Videna there are plenty of examples. From Yotún’s “Yoshi pa’los friends” welcoming Oliver Sonne, the arrival of the Danish soccer player – with a Peruvian grandmother – and the early presence of Paolo Guerrero. While Oliver took the cameras, the ‘9’ demonstrated what it means to be the captain.

Last night LDU played against Delfín, in a duel that could give them the lead in the tournament, but Paolo managed to free himself from his club due to muscle overload – nothing serious. The scorer is coming off an important string of matches with the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana and in Quito they preferred to release him sooner so he could join the national team.

And it was Paolo who trained alongside him in yesterday’s regenerative practices after arriving in Lima on Saturday. Guerrero will be the ‘9’ this Thursday against Chile and must repeat on Tuesday against Argentina.

Today it will be known which other center attackers Reynoso considers, since only Matías Succar appears on the list of local players as a replacement for Paolo. Ruidíaz is injured, so Santiago Ormeño is the option. The list of players for the matches against Chile and Argentina will be announced during the day.


“He spoke with Juan Reynoso and he was very well received,” La Videna tells us about Sonne’s arrival to the two-color cast. Oliver arrived on Saturday and immediately joined the team. It was at dinner that night that the image that went viral yesterday occurred, of Yotún greeting him with a very natural and Peruvian: “Nice to meet you. My name is Yoshimar, Yoshi for friends”, which caused laughter from those selected.

Yesterday Oliver was already familiar with private training, and according to journalist Luis Carrillo Pinto, one called him ‘Oli’ and others simply ‘Colorado’. We were able to know that it is Yotún, Zambrano and Polo who call him by his shortened name. Even the naturalized Peruvian already shows off in the photos with some of the soccer players.

“It is an honor to be here. Being part of this group is something big for me. “It has been beautiful to feel the love of everyone,” said the defender. “I would love to play, have minutes, but the important thing is the 6 points,” he said.

But there are already details that mark its arrival. Deporte Total learned that the pre-training conversation between Oliver Sonne and coach Juan Reynoso lasted around 20 minutes. It is worth remembering that it was the same coach who sought him out last April to tell him in person of his interest in having him.

On Saturday night, Oliver Sonne shared the table with Matías Succar, who helped him understand some phrases of the conversations. However, it is Franco Navarro Jr. who accompanies him everywhere to guide him and help him with the language. Precisely, it was ‘Franquito’ who picked him up at the airport.

Today the press will finally be able to see Sonne in action in practice in Videna, with the squad almost complete. The FPF informed us that Oliver Sonne was not expected to have direct contact with the press, but last night they published a video with statements from the defender with his first feelings.

Tomorrow they train behind closed doors and in the afternoon they travel to Santiago to prepare for Thursday’s game there.

Photo: FPF)

Source: Elcomercio

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