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Marcelo Gallardo, the successful coach of twelve titles with River who can solve the Barcelona crisis

Marcelo gallardo not afraid of new challenges. You are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. He is not afraid of rebuilding a team. He didn’t shrink when he was a rookie technician. Much less would I do it being experienced and one of the best. On River Plate It has already made history and continues to do so. On Barcelona, his name resounds again. But everything will depend solely on him.

Before River, there was National. In the Uruguayan team, he experienced for the first time what it is to be a strategist. It was not bad at all. Winning the Uruguayan championship title in 2012 was no accident. Then, the ads and signs of a successful DT began to appear.

As of 2014, the career of Gallardo took a necessary and momentous turn. Ramón Díaz, River idol, surprisingly left the team’s boat. The ‘Doll’, with only two years of experience and taking into account the enormous responsibility that it entailed, did not hesitate to take the helm of the ‘Millionaire’ and start a new adventure.

. He walked along a good path and managed to return the winning essence to River.

In his first season at the club, he was enshrined in the Copa Sudamericana. The River Plate team was happy again. 17 years of international drought came to an end. With little, he accomplished a lot. And, since then, more dreams began to be woven from the hand of the ‘Doll’.

A) Yes, . In fact, in his track record he already has 12 titles, of which two are from the Copa Libertadores: he won in 2015 after beating Tigres in the final; and was consecrated in 2018 with a historic triumph over his archrival, Boca Juniors.

2014South American Cup1
2015Recopa Sudamericana, Copa Libertadores and Copa Suruga Bank3
2016Argentina Cup and South American Recopa2
2017Argentine Cup and Argentine Super Cup2
2018Liberators cup1
2019Argentine Cup, Argentine Super Cup and South American Recopa3

The ‘Doll’ managed to raise the foundations of an obfuscated River. Its success is undoubted. And their adventures are not yet over. But in Barcelona they want it. The ‘Millionaire’ coach is one of the few coaches who can restore hope to Barcelona, ​​which continues to crumble.

– The virtues of Gallardo that Barcelona needs –

Barcelona still on the edge of the abyss. There is no way out. Ronald Koeman is in the eye of the storm and his departure is imminent. The present is not good. The future also does not point in a clear direction. A miracle is expected soon. AND Marcelo gallardo he is a possible redeemer.

River’s recovery was achieved through a lot of work. The ‘Doll’ is primarily responsible for the current success of the ‘Millionaire’. Its virtues abound. The titles arrive. And the happiness continues.

. When the context is adverse, the fight to the end. There is no better example than the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores 2020 against Palmeiras, when he was very close to tracing the result.

. You always try to convey the message you want in the best possible way. The campus understands him to the letter and puts him into practice. His idea is reflected in the field.

Just as it has shown in River,. It does not close with just one method. In fact, he has not bothered to vary his scheme with three or five defenders, with two flyers, or even with three ‘9’ in search of saving a result.

What’s more, . Many players have passed, others have arrived, and the ‘Doll’ has continued with the successes. Beyond the great losses he has suffered and the new incorporations, the coach has the great ability to find solutions and move any group forward. A virtue that would undoubtedly benefit Barcelona too much, which has undergone many transformations in its team.

On the other hand, . The Barça club, which is experiencing a stage with new faces of the sport, can also take advantage of this. Mainly, Riqui Puig could regain the confidence he lost under Koeman.

Regarding the experience in European football, Gallardo you already know the ‘Old Continent’. Although as a coach he has not taken on any challenge in Europe, as a player he has already shone there. He spent six years in French football, wearing the colors of none other than Monaco and PSG.

– Rapprochement with Barcelona in 2019 –

It is not the first time Marcelo gallardo is linked to Barcelona. In 2019, the ‘Doll’ also sounded loudly at the Camp Nou, but finally that operation did not come true.

After having won the 2018 Copa Libertadores at the Santiago Bernabéu, interest in Gallardo increased worldwide and Barcelona, ​​faced with a bad moment, contacted the coach to express their desire to have him.

In fact, .

At that time, River’s coach clarified that if he started the preseason with River, he was not going to accept Barcelona’s proposal. Said and done. The culé team was late with the departure of Ernesto Valverde and the signing of the ‘Doll’ was impossible.

The current context is not very different. . Even the Rio de la Plata team continues to fight to conquer the Argentine league, where it is very close to reaching the leader, Talleres de Córdoba.

With the precedent of 2019, there is little probability that the ‘Doll’ will abandon the River ship before fulfilling its objectives. However, the illusion grows in Barcelona. If the Barça club’s proposal is formalized, the final decision will be up to no one but Gallardo.


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