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Santa Fe on the U: “I see a team that competes, fights, attacks and comes out playing; That is to be admired, it speaks of an improvement in Peruvian football.”

Independent of Santa Fe and academic They will meet this Sunday, October 8, starting at 5:30 pm at the Metropolitano de Techo stadium in Colombia, for the second date of Group B of the Copa Libertadores Femenina 2023 Edition. Both squads are in need of points, since in their first presentation they fell to their respective rivals and this match is life or death for them to continue in competition.

That is why, within hours of the duel, El Comercio contacted the coach of the Colombian club, Omar Ramírez, who analyzed the work of his compatriot John Tierradentro – who has just won the 2023 Women’s League in Peru with Universitario de Deportes and that is participating in the Copa Libertadores Femenina 2023, where they will face each other for this tournament and there is no margin for error.

– What do you think of the U that Professor Tierradentro directs?

It is a team that has improved a lot with this new coaching staff. We see a Peruvian team that, unlike what we have seen in a previous Copa Libertadores, is a team that tries to play and has game ideas. Look, that match against the U of Chile, they deserved more, since the defeat is unfair, since the ball does not hit in its entirety and I think they are a very complicated team.

– Will you make a personal or zonal mark on stopped balls?

We will do our job, obviously we will take precautions, since we are facing a good team

– Stephanie Lacoste, despite being central, was Universitario’s scorer, will you take precautions with her?

Yes, sure, like the Colombians who know us, we’ll see how things turn out.

– What would the U have to worry about about its Independiente de Santa Fe team?

I believe that Santa Fe is a very strong team in possession of the ball, in its game plan, and it is strong. Let’s hope that the Peruvian does not do what the Paraguayan did against us, like stalling, everything that has to do with unsportsmanlike conduct.

-Does it bother you that Olimpia has tarnished women’s football?

It damages women’s football, which has been receiving recognition because it does not pretend to be missing, it hasn’t been long and this team comes and leaves us in a bad position. Women’s soccer is very genuine and has the essence of pasture, of amateur soccer, and the Paraguayans come to stain it.

-What do you think of the work of your compatriot John Tierradentro?

It seems to me that the professor has done things well, he is a very capable coach, believe me from what I have previously seen of the Peruvian teams, it has not been that good, however, now I see a team that competes, fights, attacks the goal and he comes out playing, that is to be admired, because that speaks of an improvement in Peruvian football.

– Sunday’s game (today) is a final for both, there is no margin for error

Yes, it’s a game where we both need the three points, it’s going to be a good game.

Source: Elcomercio

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