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Peru vs.  Argentina: this was the first victory of the bicolor in Lima against an albiceleste team that had just been proclaimed champion

Peru vs. Argentina: this was the first victory of the bicolor in Lima against an albiceleste team that had just been proclaimed champion

Peru vs.  Argentina: this was the first victory of the bicolor in Lima against an albiceleste team that had just been proclaimed champion

Years later, both teams faced each other again in the Roque Sáenz Peña Cup played in our capital in 1941. In that tournament, we achieved our first two draws against the Argentine team. In the third game, the bicolor They were defeated again, this time by 3 to 0. However, these three games left a good feeling in the Peruvian sports press. The albiceleste team found it increasingly difficult to beat us.

Before the start of the match, Mexican actress Elsa Aguirre appeared on the Lima giant's field accompanied by the captains of both teams.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

This impression was reflected in the close results we obtained in the America Cup of Ecuador (1947) and Chili (1955). Years later, in March 1957, our country once again hosted this very important South American championship. After winning three games (Ecuador, Chili and Colombia) and lose two (Uruguay and Brazil), we would face on the last date Argentina. The first Peruvian victory was about to arrive.


On Saturday, April 6, 1957, the peruvian team went out to the grass Lima National Stadium ready to achieve victory. The Argentine team had not lost a game in the championship. Three days before, the Albiceleste team had become champion of the tournament by beating Brazil by 3 to 0. The match was not easy for the red and white team. Even more so, if we take into account the history of confrontations between both teams.

That day, the bicolor he formed with Rafael Asca; Willy Fleming, Guillermo Delgado, Dante Rovai; Mario Minaya, Luis Calderón; Juan Bazza, Máximo Mosquera, Manuel Rivera, Alberto Terry and Juan Seminario. The Argentine team fielded Rogelio Domínguez; Pedro Dellacha, David Iñigo; Juan Giménez, Néstor Rossi, Angel Schandlein; Oreste Corbatta, Humberto Maschio, Antonio Angelillo, Omar Sivori and Osvaldo Cruz. The referee of the match was the Englishman Bertley Cross.

The first dangerous play of the game was for our team.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

As soon as the game started, Peru He had the first clear scoring chance. 4 minutes into the first half, the ‘Crazy’ Seminar He sent the ball to the horizontal of the Argentine fence after launching a lob shot near the area. The albiceleste team did not take long to respond. A minute later, Peruvian goalkeeper Asca avoided a clear option from the visiting team. Nobody imagined that the first Peruvian goal was about to fall. At 15′, ‘Vides’ Mosquera He beat Domínguez’s fence with a strong first-time shot after a great individual play by Bassa. The uproar broke out in the stands of the “José Díaz” colossus.

The goal made the Argentine team go out with everything in search of a tie. At 17 minutes, Asca scored a goal against the ‘Cabezón’ Sívori. The red and white defended herself well. Their midfield controlled the visiting offense. This is how Bazza missed two clear chances to increase the score in favor of the Peruvian team. However, in the final minutes of the first half, Argentina tried in every way to tie the score. The result did not move. The bicolor He went into the break with the slightest difference in his favor.


At the beginning of the second half, Argentina He made a surprising change: substitute goalkeeper Roma came in for Domínguez. The first minutes were of albiceleste push. A submission that bore fruit 50 minutes into the match, when Sívori He tied the match after taking advantage of a mistake by the Peruvian defense. It seemed that the history of the previous games would be repeated again.

The match between Peruvians and Argentines was played on the last day of the 1957 South American championship, now known as the Copa America.  (Photo: GEC Historical Archive)

However, the visiting goal made Peru would react immediately. The impeccable physical condition of the Peruvian players was felt in the midfield. Even more so, when the bicolor coach, György Orth, gave fresh air to that sector with the entry of Cavero and Benites. The modifications gave more intensity to the Peruvian brand. That’s why, at 81 minutes, the advantage came again for our team: ‘Toto’ Terry burst the Argentine goal after a great individual play. The first victory was getting closer.

Already with the advantage on the scoreboard, the peruvian team He joined his defensive lines, preventing all Argentine attacks. Almost at the end of the match, a long shot from Sívori He almost tied the game after hitting the crossbar. The final result was 2 to 1 in favor of the bicolor.


After the final whistle, the Peruvian players went excitedly to the locker room of the Lima giant. There, several senior leaders of Argentine soccer approached the soccer players and the national delegation to congratulate them on the victory. However, in the rival locker room, the Albiceleste players regretted having lost the undefeated game against our team.

This is what defender Néstor Rossi acknowledged to the chronicler of Trade: “Peru surprised us from the first moment. Our forward failed when trying to reach the Asca fence with deep passes. We had to play soccer, but the great Peruvian defense emerged there. Peru’s victory is very fair.”.

Others, like the forward Omar Sivori They recognized the great game played by our team: “The Peruvians offered one of the best matches, winning a fair victory over us who tried to remain undefeated. The lead, by not acting with short passes, was controlled by the entire Peruvian defense that grew after the tie that I was lucky enough to establish momentarily.”.

Finally, all the Argentine players agreed that “Peru obtained a well-deserved victory.” A victory that was achieved more than 60 years ago in the Lima National Stadium and we hope that our selection gives us similar joy this Tuesday night.


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