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Oblitas and the phrases he left about the national team, Reynoso and Gareca at a press conference

Played the first four dates of the Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cupin which the Peruvian team has only been able to add one point out of a possible 12, and in a situation of constant criticism towards the bicolor technical director, Juan Reynosothe general director of Football of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), Juan Carlos Oblitasoffered a press conference on Wednesday in La Videna to express his feelings about the current moment of the national team.

Review below the best phrases he left Juan Carlos Oblitas In his appearance before the media:

About Juan Reynoso

“(We have to) put aside personalisms and put ourselves behind the team, whoever it is. I think we have to stay calm at these moments and not commit excesses in what the verb is. (…) Let’s think about the national team and my presence is for that.”

The national team coach is Juan Reynoso, and all of us who work around him have to be proactiveespecially for this date in November, it’s that simple.”

About the team’s defeats

We cannot lose that empathy that had been achieved from the selection towards the people, in any way. Football in recent years has been one of the few institutions that has brought the Peruvian people together and I don’t want that to be lost. I have touched on all of that with Juan. In the technical part it is only Juan who has to decide.”

About Oliver Sonne’s call

“It is an eminently technical reason, (he has not been summoned) because he has a Peruvian ID or because he is naturalized, or because he is blonde or dark-skinned. At no time did I hear Juan (Reynoso) say that Sonne arrived to be on the list and play.”

“It’s not easy for a boy to come to a totally different world. They don’t know what we’ve been through to be able to have the boy’s ID. “We have had to speak with people from the Government, we have spoken with Juan so that the procedures to meet this boy can be expedited.”

Regarding statements by Ricardo Gareca

“What Ricardo (Gareca) declared in that private conference It’s something he’s always said. It didn’t surprise me. What I do believe is that they were said at an inopportune moment, that they seemed unfortunate due to the closeness we had had in the game against Argentina and due to Juan’s statements.. I hope, I know Ricardo, that was not his intention. I discussed that with Juan (Reynoso) and that is all I think has happened.”

About an alleged argument between Paolo Guerrero and Juan Reynoso

“About Paolo, I heard his statements. With Juan I don’t remember or have any news about any discussion with Guerrero. Those situations were the ones that were not happening, they left with affection from you (the press) and from the people. I think Paolo’s reaction was an outburst at that moment, I haven’t been able to talk to him. Surely when I return I will be able to chat with him. Here, respect was achieved between the press and the players, that is what I don’t want to lose. We have to control ourselves a little.”

Oblitas made it clear that Peru's coach is Juan Reynoso |  Photo: El Comercio

About Christian Cueva’s injury

“Christian Cueva does have a knee problem that limits him even if he wants to play. He is not in the best physical condition. He, thinking a lot about the National Team, perhaps has not done the right thing with the injury issue. His non-call is a technical decision.”

About a meeting with Lozano and Reynoso

“With Agustín Lozano (president of the FPF) we have agreed that after the November games (against Bolivia and Venezuela), Whatever the result, we are going to sit down with Juan Reynoso to make a report of everything that has happened until that moment”.


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Source: Elcomercio

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