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“Alianza does not have a Quispe that makes the difference, but the ‘U’ does not have a Barcos that scores the goals”

Do you see any favorites? How do you play a final?

To begin with, they are two big teams, the biggest in Peru and in this match there is no favorite. That is to say, if one is bad or the other is good, it has no influence here, since they are different games. They are games that both do not want to lose and there are different motivations. In the two finals, each one will take their precautions to get the best and both will go in search of the title.

Which team has the pressure? The ‘U’ of not winning the championship 10 years ago or Alianza Lima of winning the three-time championship?

Both, because one wants to win the three-time championship and the other wants to be champion (laughs). They both have the same pressure and worry. So, in Alianza they don’t think about the three-time championship, only about winning; The ‘U’ is not going to think that it hasn’t been a champion for 10 years, but also that it wants to win. What is at stake here is to do things well and not give the other team a chance to beat you. In these games you must make as few mistakes as possible and the chance you have to score must be made the most of. Both teams have good players and both teams reached the final because they were the best in the Apertura and the other in the Clausura, but as I told you, they are 180-minute matches, where each one will do their best to become champion.

Did Alianza Lima make the right decision to define Matute?

I would have done the same to the ‘U’. You have the right to choose first, you are going to choose to finish in your stadium, it is logical, because if the result you are thinking is happening, in the end you are going to celebrate with your people. I think the U would have done the same. The only difference here is that one in one game will have his bar, and in the other he will not. The bars are circumstantial, in the end they play eleven against eleven and each one will do their best to achieve the objective which is to become champion.

Should Hernán retire in Aliana Lima whenever he wants?

It already depends on them, in this case on the Alianza Lima institution. The player always wants to retire in the team he wants, it is a decision if the institution allows it. Barcos is the best in Alianza, and Alianza Lima does not have a Piero Quispe, a player who makes the difference, but the U does not have a Hernán Barcos, who scores the goals. They are two very balanced teams, but that does not mean that one is better than the other. I repeat again, they are two different games.

Is Piero Quispe the best young footballer in the championship?

No, Quispe has been the best footballer in the Clausura Tournament, it’s that simple. But from the championship are Quispe, Grimaldo and Roca de Boys; So, I think that for the revelation player this year there will be many problems for those who choose that award.

Finally, a message for peace.

Each one to his own. Unfortunately, we are not going to play with both fans, but with only one and God willing that the people at the bar, those who cause disturbances, realize that a classic and especially a final cannot be played with only one. bar. Everyone now has to change their way of being a fan so that the party returns to the stadiums and that depends on them themselves.

Source: Elcomercio

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