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“When things don’t work out, as happened to the national team, it is better to step aside” |  INTERVIEW

“When things don’t work out, as happened to the national team, it is better to step aside” | INTERVIEW

“When things don’t work out, as happened to the national team, it is better to step aside” |  INTERVIEW

Perhaps that is why he is careful when talking about a process – Juan’s – that is about to end. now, already retired, just as calm, the physique similar to the one he had when Jorge Mendes, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portuguese businessman decided to sign him to guide his career. In fact, over the years, the relationship has been maintained and in recent months, A contact has arisen: Mendes has proposed to Mudo to become part of his staff, to be an agent for footballers and the link between him and Peruvian football. “I am handling it calmly,” says the Peruvian back. In principle, he is interested And in the medium term we will see it as a bridge for Peruvian football to where it is truly established: Europe.

—Should all beloved soccer players have a farewell like Carlos Lobatón did a few days ago?

Yes. It is something gratifying for him and his family, how can we not accompany him, he has brought joy to Peru and Sporting Cristal, so he is a friend and you had to be with him. He deserved this and more for all the joys he brought to the club and the national team and now, having the blessing of enjoying it, is a great way to close his career.

—Would you have liked one like that?

Yes, who does not. But I am calm with what I did.

— Were you able to speak with Ricardo Gareca, the coach who took them to the World Cup, and who was passing through Lima?

We talked a little. But it was Carlos (Lobatón’s) day, for him his presence was quite representative. About Ricardo I can only say that he is a coach who marked the history of Peru.

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—Did you also hear what people were asking, for Gareca to return to the national team?

It is an issue that those responsible will have to decide. Obviously people mention it because of what Ricardo and his technical team did in the national team, so people are grateful and recognize it.

— As a former World Cup player with Peru, what analysis do you get from these six matches of the national team with Juan Reynoso?

Well, we are not having a good time, this has happened before, but Peru has already shown that it has the ability to get out of difficult situations. We have been a resilient team. There are players, there is material, we need to continue believing, trusting in the team.

— Reynoso is no longer going as coach and his departure is being negotiated, who should take over his position?

It’s not my place to say who should take charge, but whoever does it needs support, period, because if we move this forward, it is beneficial for everyone. Now, I do believe that the new coach has to move this forward with a lot of work, which is what we all want.

— Do you agree with his departure?

I think that although it is true the results have not been satisfactory, nothing takes away from the professionalism. I am in favor of respecting processes, but there are things that no longer concern one. Regardless of who is there, the protagonists who are the players always have to take this forward.”

— Have you heard of names as possible replacements? Fossati, Pékerman? What do you think about it?

As I say, I would prefer not to talk about a new coach because everyone is qualified. You have to find your way with the team. I have tried not to watch the news, but it is up to us all to support.

—Why didn’t Juan Reynoso do well directing Peru?

There are many factors, it seems crazy to say why he didn’t do this or that, I believe that when you don’t do things well in football, it is better to step aside. It is unfortunate because he did not get the results that Juan expected but we cannot stop at that: we have to raise our heads.

—We received information that you are now dedicating yourself to a business issue in football, what is true?

Yes, but I handle it calmly, I’m watching, driving a little with reserve and I have to do it well.

—Is it with Jorge Mendes?

As I say, I’m analyzing it.

Source: Elcomercio

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