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Paolo Guerrero: “With Juan we didn’t get to click and understand his idea of ​​the game” |  INTERVIEW

Paolo Guerrero: “With Juan we didn’t get to click and understand his idea of ​​the game” | INTERVIEW

Paolo Guerrero: “With Juan we didn’t get to click and understand his idea of ​​the game” |  INTERVIEW

The interview took place after the game, while the fans were celebrating, and also the players’ families were waiting for them at the exit. After passing through the mixed zone access I was able to reach the League locker room. Paolo was the last to leave and he was kind enough to take me to the space where the cup they won minutes ago was placed. Of all the topics we had to discuss, there was one that was inevitable: the future of the Peruvian team after the departure of Juan Reynoso. “Have you signed Fossati?, It is confirmed?”, I wonder. I replied that “No” and I told him that “His agent has met with the federation but there is nothing official yet”. Guerrero added: “I ask you because I am not aware of anything. The thing is that I don’t see news from Peru, I even prefer to avoid it so as not to make a liver. Yes, I know that they have already communicated that Juan is no longer the coach of the national team.”

-Paolo, what happened in these first six games of the playoffs?

It’s hard to explain what happened. We arrived with very little time to work and it was very difficult for the group to understand Juan’s idea. But the group still did everything possible, working and following the instructions of the technical command. From the psychologist, from everyone. We tried to support them but the results were not forthcoming. And football today is like that, if you don’t have results, it is inevitable that these things will happen. We didn’t get the points we needed to continue in the fight for the World Cup. I feel very sorry because we didn’t get that click with Juan and the results didn’t help. Football is like that and surely he is going to have more revenge.

-The criticism of the bad results has been very harsh from the fans and the press for Juan Reynoso, but in reality, how responsible are you as players?

The players are more to blame because we are the ones on the field. It’s a shame that what we wanted was not achieved, to understand Juan’s idea. I wish them the best of luck now and I am sure that Juan and his technical team will do very well, because he is a great person and a great coach.

-How do we play again like we did with Ricardo Gareca?

I am going to speak in general terms, but I think that in Peru we are not doing things well in every sense. Starting with the press that does not analyze the games correctly. I have heard that they say “the team does not run”, have they measured that? I don’t see constructive criticism towards the selection.

-But is it convenient for all of us to qualify for the 2018 World Cup?

I have no doubt that there are many people who support the team. But I also think that in Peru there is a lot of envy and there are people who perhaps do not want the team to continue being successful and go to the World Cup. Maybe there are people who never played football and suddenly it was what they always wanted and that’s why they now criticize. There is a lot to change in the country, but it must be done from the roots.

-Are you worried about the lack of player replacement?

Good players have come out, but we are giving them the responsibility to change the process of the games and at their young age they still have to prepare for that.

-Is there a possibility of turning the helm and achieving World Cup qualification? Even more so if there are now six and a half places…

As long as there are still possibilities, we cannot stop fighting. We cannot lower our arms.

Source: Elcomercio

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