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Yoka-Mosseli, Manaudou-Blume, Zatopek-Zatopkova… These couples who shone at the Olympic Games

August 21, 2016 in Rio. Just 48 hours after Estelle Mosseli in the up to 60 kg category, Tony Yoka became the Olympic boxing champion in the over 91 kg category. The medal shared by the pair and the final were the apotheosis for the French team. With this new title, the Blues have just completed a record fifteen with 42 podium finishes in a single Games.

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On the back of a blue, white and red flag, a man who is playing today in a professional arena then gives a long hug to his partner, who hastened to join him at the bottom of the ring. Her hair was left braided in the colors of their country. At the time, dozens of photographers rushed to their side to immortalize the hug, which would soon appear on the front pages of magazines and at the top of television news.

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Source: Le Parisien

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