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Universitario knows what he is playing, Alianza Lima rehearses it: why the cream victory again leaves no doubts | ANALYSIS

And it’s a lot to say football, because the match was far from approaching the beautiful game. However, we lacked momentum and emotions until the end.

How the U reaches the goal

The creams know what they are playing and how to do it. Without Ureña, they did the best thing in football, playing simple. First forced by the pressure and hustle and bustle of Alianza and then because it was the best way to control the game.

The goal seems to be copied from last year’s final and it is no coincidence. If the U knows anything, it is using the bands to their advantage. And it goes beyond the interpreters. Because this time it was Jairo Concha who jumped to the side. Had the ball gone out? Today the discussion is no longer useful. Jairo saw the gap and found a Polo in the best place where he knows how to move: face the area and resolve, either with a pass or like last night, finishing.

How to maintain the advantage

It seems that the U did little, but no. He did what was fair and necessary before an Alliance that made his job easier. Corzo, Riveros and Di Benedetto won 9 of 16 aerial balls. They attacked them from above, with balls, what they know how to defend best. None of the 9 aerial duels that Barcos had won. And if Pirate does not appear in attack, Alianza suffers it.

The U supports it because it found the hand of D’Arrigo and Serna. Polo suffered with Jhamir at the beginning, but then the alliance player had to worry about the cream and more after the goal, when Andy was the exit from Ate’s team.

The Portocarrero that was wanted was not seen in attack, but in defense he was the most attentive to Serna. He forced the winger to decide on the least damaging pass. Thus, with both ends controlled, the creams cornered the intimates and forced them to play inside, which they do not know how to do.

Because in the middle Cancha and Murrugarra had more work to prevent Rodríguez and Arregui from appearing, forcing the start to be from Ramos and Fuentes, the blue and white’s Achilles heel. That’s why Garces entered, but the red card for the Panamanian changed the intimate plans.

Why does he suffer in the end?

It is a classic and Alianza looked for the heroic even with 10 men. He pushed from Garcés’ sure pass and Costa’s clumsiness. Since Zanelatto’s outburst and with Barcos more involved in the area. But the U has order and delivery. And their reinforcements work -except Dorregaray-. Britos isn’t spectacular, but according to SofaScore he had five saves.

With better aim, from Dorregaray, Flores or Celi, he was able to increase the score and close the classic before the VAR drama in Barcos’ goal. But the result was never in risk, especially with Alianza with 9 men after the red card to Saravia.

Boats still do not appear in the intimate attack.  (Photo: GEC)

Furthermore, while in Alianza the long pass from Freytes or the alley from Rodríguez is expected, in the U each clearance can end in a counterattack. Because Polo is always well positioned, because Flores knows where each of his teammates are going to go, because Martín Pérez Guedes is the one who reads the field best and is in the place where he should be and where the ball should go.

The U knows what it is playing at, Alianza continues rehearsing to see what works best. There was a big difference that was once again reflected in another victory in the classic.

Source: Elcomercio

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