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Ferrari on closure of the north stand: “It is a strong message for those who call themselves barristas”

The administrator of the Sports University, Jean Ferrarispoke after the announcement by the Executive that ordered the closure of the north stand of the Monumental stadium for the next match of the creams in League 1 I bet you, after the acts of violence last weekend in Santa Anita.

“On Friday when we played at home against Sport Huancayo, the northern popular stand would be closed. This is the beginning, it is not that it is done and finished. This is a strong message for those who call themselves barristas and are not, who are criminals who have entered a sector of the bars and commit crimes, they carry out vandalism and we cannot allow that,” he said at the headquarters of the PCM.

“We cannot put into context opening a platform against a person’s life. “We are trying to neutralize this problem that has been going on for many years,” he added.

Along these lines, he stressed that the authorities have proposed these measures and that managers have to accept them “because it is the only way to neutralize this problem.”

On the other hand, Ferrari did not rule out that this type of sanctions in sports venues are repeated, since more events that threaten the integrity of the people protected by a football team should not be allowed.

“This is an initial message, we start with a game, if this continues there will be more meetings and more measures will be taken for this problem that is not today, it comes from years ago but today we want to take the problem and neutralize it,” Ferrari said.

“Football is entertainment, fun, we cannot be talking about children being shot,” he concluded.


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