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A goal every 30 minutes: Cauteruccio is living the best moment of his career at 36 years old and why it is Cristal’s great card to score 6 goals against Always Ready

Fourteen goals in six games is Cauteruccio’s incredible record in Cristal. Thirteen were scored in the five dates that he played in the Apertura Tournament, a mark that catapults him to the top of the ranking of league scorers in the world this year. He is followed by the Italian Imre Badalassi of Tre Penne of San Marino (8 goals in 13 PJ) and the Dutch Luuk De Jong of PSV (7/10).

To better understand what the charrúa is doing in our country, it is necessary to highlight that In 2024 he has more goals than Haaland (6), Mbappé (4), Cristiano Ronaldo (1) and Messi (1) combined.

Photo: Transfermarkt.

“It’s the first time I’ve had a start like this”, Cauteruccio analyzed a few weeks ago. And if. Although he is still close to matching his best scoring year – in 2016 he scored 17 goals in 43 games – he never experienced this start with Cristal.

In 2012, at 25 years old and wearing the Quilmes Argentina shirt, he had his best scoring average, although the figures were very different from what they are now: he scored a goal every 142 minutes, that is, almost every game and a half. That year, in his first six games, he scored only once. He only started punching nets in the second half of the year, when he started ten consecutive games.

“Cauteruccio’s tremendous moment in Peru”, titles one of its notes in Diario Olé, one of the most popular in Argentina. Remembering his last club (Independiente de Avellaneda), the media praised the 14 goals of the Uruguayan who in Peru found his place in the world to be the ‘killer’ he dreamed of so much: in six games, for example, he has scored more hat tricks (3) than in his entire career. .

‘Caute’s scoring yearsMatchesGoalsAverage
2024: Crystal614One goal every 30′
2023: Independent3812One goal every 218′
2022: Aldosivi29fifteenOne goal every 162′
2021: Students / Aldosivi3714One goal every 191′
2020: Cruz Azul / Students122One goal every 274′
2019: Blue Cross230
2018: Blue CrossFour. Five14One goal every 190′
2017: Blue Cross389One goal every 158′
2016: San Lorenzo4317One goal every 154′
2015: San Lorenzo37fifteenOne goal every 162′
2014: San Lorenzo245One goal every 278′
2013: Quilmes / San Lorenzo2814One goal every 142′
2012: Quilmes2712One goal every 184′
Sources: Transfermarkt, Cero a Cero, Soccerway

Can you think of Emanuel Herrera’s record?

The start of Martin Cauteruccio has been so impressive that he was one goal away from equaling the average of Valeriano Lopez. The ‘Tank of Casma’ scored eleven goals in the first four games they played in 1951, 73 years ago. The Uruguayan scored ten. But the one who can reach and pass is Emanuel Herrerathe Argentine who scored 43 goals in one season with the Sporting Cristal shirt, of which 40 were in League 1.

If we look at the average, ‘Caute’, who scores a goal every 30 minutes, that is, three goals per game, would need ten matches to catch up with Herrera. Although, of course, football is not handled like that and the ‘9’ may -or may not- make the same amount of scores in that period of time.

But even his start has been better than that of the Argentine. Martín has 14 goals in his first six games. Emanuel, in that historic 2018, scored ten times in his first six games.

Source: Elcomercio

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