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“A goal every two games, minimum” and “with Paolo, Vallejo is obliged to be champion”: the cold analysis of the expectation that Guerrero generates

That is why we ask some questions that ordinary citizens ask themselves, regarding the arrival of Paolo Guerrero to César Vallejo.

  • 1. How many goals do you think Paolo will score in League 1 I Bet You?
  • 2. Does Vallejo become more of a candidate with him?
  • 3. Will Vallejo’s games this year be played to a full stadium thanks to Paolo Guerrero?

Ricardo Montoya – Liga 1 Max

1. It depends on how much you play. Normally, you shouldn’t convert less than 10.

2. Without a doubt. Paolo is not the same as before, but he still retains attributes that other players do not have.

3. That will depend on Paolo’s initial performance and how that impacts the team’s production.

Ángel Hugo Pilares, editor

1. For the level of Peruvian soccer, Paolo is supposed to aspire to be the tournament’s top scorer. However, forwards like Cauteruccio in Cristal could give him competition. I can’t give a number, but his prestige forces him to do more.

2. I think Vallejo was not a candidate this year. A good year from Paolo should see Vallejo improve enough to fight at the top.

3. First it will fill stadiums because of the novelty. When this is over, they will have to fill them with goals and victories. In any case, they both depend on Paolo.

Daniel Kanashiro – League 1 Max

1. It is difficult to say, because being strict we do not know if he will be able to play all the games, due to preparation and strategy. If he debuts on date 7, he will have a little more than half of the tournament left. I don’t plan for the Clausura because Paolo’s continuity is always a toss-up due to different factors.

2. The mere hiring of Guerrero forces Vallejo to be a champion and reward him from the investment aspect. The most important and expensive contract in the history of Peruvian football, the minimum it demands of you is the title.

3. Vallejo and the Acuña family have already done their part, now it is up to the people of Trujillo to repay that effort minimally by filling the Mansiche day by day. I have no doubt that that will happen.

Eddie Fleischman – Willax TV

1. It is difficult to predict the number of goals that Paolo Guerrero can score or any forward can score, because one does not know if there may be circumstances, injuries, reasons why they are absent from many games. But, I calculate, that Paolo Guerrero should score a goal every two or three games on average. According to his ability, at the League 1 level, Paolo is in a position to make a difference. It also depends on what position Mosquera puts him, because he points up Mena and perhaps puts him further back and he doesn’t necessarily score as many goals as assists.

2. I do not think that César Vallejo will become more of a candidate with Paolo Guerrero, of course, he should improve his performance in terms of points and Paolo should provide him with more offensive football and scoring possibilities, but it is an entire team, which determines the candidacy for the title and for now César Vallejo does not seem like a candidate for the title.

3. I think that at first Vallejo is going to fill the stadium, in any case in his first home games and then it will depend on Paolo’s performance and the productivity of the team on how he is doing, if at some point, Paolo does not show all the capacity it can offer or if the team loses games and moves away from the top positions, suddenly the stadium is no longer full. It doesn’t just depend on Paolo, in principle he is going to see full stadiums.

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