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Víctor Hugo Carrillo and controversial audio from the VAR: “Cuadrado does not give it completely” | VIDEO

The inclusion of the VAR in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers in South America was with the intention of bringing justice to the controversial plays that could be presented, but so far many controversial decisions remain. This time, Peruvian referee Víctor Hugo Carrillo was the center of attention for his analysis of the foul by Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.

Conmebol appointed the national judge as the main member of the Video Assistant Referee of the Uruguay vs. Colombia and was accompanied by the Paraguayan Milcíades Saldívar (AVAR). The match had easy-to-decide disputes, but in the 62nd minute came a dubious play that required careful observation.

In a defensive play by the Colombian national team, the experienced Juan Guillermo Cuadrado came out at full speed to cover the ball, but was immediately marked by the Uruguayan Matías Viña. Trying to withstand the rival onslaught, the footballer of the combined ‘Cafetero’ raised his elbow and ended up hitting the face of the Uruguayan.

Jesús Venezuela, the main referee, reacted immediately and showed the yellow card, but the players of the Uruguay team requested an expulsion. During those moments, Víctor Hugo Carrillo was already reviewing the action in the VAR room, from different angles, to decide well on what happened.

However, he only confirmed the decision of the Venezuelan judge Valenzuela, although what he commented on the movement of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado called attention:

It hits it, it hits it. That it does not resume. Because of the position of the referee in the blow, there, for me he does not appreciate it at the time he hits. That it does not resume, let’s see. It is not the full blow. It is not full and neither, the intensity is not high, there is no movement. Jesus, we can resume, everything checked”.

Finally, Cuadrado was not expelled, to the surprise of many, unleashing criticism of the refereeing body. The comments against the performance of Víctor Hugo Carrillo have become bigger after the broadcast of his audio on the VAR. For now, the Peruvian judge will be away from the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, given that he had not been previously scheduled in the remaining duels of the triple date of October.


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