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A penalty goal from Valera is enough to be the leader: one of the ‘U”s victory over Cusco FC in League 1 I Bet You

Can you guess what the truth is?

1. academic He was dominant from start to finish.

2. We all want ‘Tunche’ Rivera to score in every Monumental game.

3. Diego Haro is in perfect physical condition.

I correct myself. It is not a truth, it is a vox populi request. Let’s start by accepting that there is a moment in the game when all the western fans of Monumental stop looking at the field to follow the substitutes warming up next to the bench. They look to see if José Rivera is ready to put on the ’11’ and take the field. It’s ‘Tunche’ time, it is rumored. Between the 60th and 75th minute, the forward enters to make the ‘U’ fan a little happier.

If yesterday José Rivera crowned his entry with a goal, as had happened against Grau, Melgar and Garcilaso, he would have been carried out of the stadium on his shoulders. First because he would respond to his call to the Peruvian team with another goal, and second because he returned to the game after receiving a kick that would have left others out of the game. But not ‘Tunche’. The man from Rioja, the one who built the house for his mother, returned and almost scored in the discounts.

However, ‘U’ is a tasteless cream, a meringue that does not set. Yesterday the Chilean Rodrigo Ureña returned to the wheel to play alongside Pérez Guedes and Concha, as happened on the first date of the Apertura 2024 of League 1 Te Apuesta (4-0 win over Mannucci). It worked? Good rapport with the defense, but with a goal deficit along with the attack.

No rush

The ‘U’ does not know what it is like to receive goals at home in the Apertura Tournament. Sebastián Britos had no setbacks against Cusco FC yesterday either. Last weekend he had seen his goal against Garcilaso defeated several times, however, against the Cusco neighbor he once again delivered a clean sheet.

Until the 23rd minute, Cusco FC stood at the Monumental as a team that chose to play from the back, that took risks with the strong legs of Colman and Valenzuela in the middle and that had Colitto and Tévez as its main attacking weapons.

The expulsion of goalkeeper Andy Vidal (23′) deflated Cusco’s intentions. Valera changed a penalty for a goal, and with the score in favor it was easier for Corzo, Riveros and Di Benedetto to win a new battle in the first line of defense.

Universitario vs Cusco: result and summary |  Photo: Jesús Saucedo/@photo.gec

Open the court

Standing on the technical zone, coach Fabián Bustos did not tire of repeating to his wingers, Polo and Portocarrero (later Cabanillas entered), to play across the entire width of the field, to overflow, to bet on one-on-one.

The rival’s daring was noticeable with the score against and with ten men on the field. They never gave up taking danger to the cream bow. In a very controversial play, Corzo pushed Juan Manuel Tévez in the area and Diego Haro and the VAR did not sanction the foul. It could have meant a momentary tie to see the Ureña-Concha-Pérez Guedes midfielder in action.

Did they work? The return of the Chilean gave hierarchy to the midfield, but the five-game suspension he had to pay was noticeable and he will be recovering his skills with the next games. Concha is having a hard time scoring. Yesterday he improvised two long-distance shots against more than three turnovers in the midfield. On his account, Pérez Guedes was participatory and dynamic, although in front of the goal he owes a great debt to the goal.

Alex Valera scored 1-0 for Universitario from a penalty (Photo: GEC)

a single scream

The ‘U’ did not defeat Cusco FC at any time. Neither with one more man nor with two (Colitto was sent off at 90+40′). In attack, Valera’s strength and Flores’ intelligence did not score more than one goal in the 69 minutes they were on the field.

In the play for the goal, Valera forced Bilbao’s error and gained position from goalkeeper Vidal, who only had to knock him down to prevent the goal. On the other hand, Diego Haro interpreted aggression and showed him the red and penalty for the ‘U’, (1-0 at 32′) another controversial decision in Ate. Meanwhile, the VAR annulled a goal that had ‘Orejas’ once again demonstrating a great definition decision

The entries of Calcaterra, Rivera, Dorregaray and Canchita Gonzáles did not close the game either. The score remained 1-0 until the final whistle. The only one that was saved by his delivery was the ‘Tunche’. In stoppage time he shot towards the goal and almost made it 2-0, but his shot ended up in the corner.

This is how the ‘U’ walks. A momentary leader who wins without liking. The FIFA break will be an opportunity to fix several points within the squad.

Source: Elcomercio

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