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Peru vs Bolivia: Who are the survivors of the last point scored in La Paz?

Peru vs. Bolivia in La Paz by Qualifying Qatar 2022. A more than complicated match for the white-and-red, a true impossible mission. Statistics say that peruvian team He has never won in that city, or in friendlies. The most valuable thing the bicolor got were draws, two on a World Cup route.

On the field of play, Bolivia has never been beaten in La Paz. These games have always been difficult for Peru. It costs him a lot. Even more than visiting Ecuador in Quito. And it is that nothing compares to the 3,625 meters that the Bolivian capital has.

The most celebrated results in La Paz occurred in the Qualifiers. Of the 8 times she had to play in that square, the red-and-white lost 6 times, drew 2 games, received 12 goals and could only score 3 goals.

Juan Carlos Oblitas for the France 98 Qualifiers, he sent his team to acclimatize for 10 days in Cusco before facing Bolivia. The result was positive for Peru because they drew 0-0 and even had the opportunity to win it.

In the following Qualifiers, all were defeats. For Japan – Korea 2002 and Germany 2006 they lost 1-0 and for South Africa 2010, the Peruvian team lost 3-0. In none of these processes was there acclimatization to the altitude.

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Sergio Markarían decided to imitate Oblitas’ strategy for the 2014 Brazil Qualifiers. The coach used a small adjustment, summoning footballers who had experience playing at height. Most were from the local tournament. Let’s remember that the Peruvian teams had to visit places like Cusco, Arequipa and Huancayo.

The coach organized two working groups to face that qualifying date. The final result was 1-1. A tie with a bitter taste because the Peruvian team was forced to win. In addition, the next day the starting team ended up losing to Paraguay in Asunción.

Peru vs.  Bolivia Mariño, Acasiete and Pando ready for La Paz
Peru vs Bolivia: The last game of the Peruvian team in La Paz by Qualifying [VIDEO]
Peru will seek today to strike Bolivia at the height of La Paz

Juan Carlos Marino He put the Peruvian team ahead 22 minutes into the first half. Then, in the complementary part, Alejandro Chumacero, put the tie at 51 minutes. In that game, Christian Cueva entered the complementary part.

For the game, this Sunday between Bolivia vs. Peru For the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, José Carvallo, Christian Ramos and Christian Cueva could be considered once again. Above all, the last two. They are the three players who still continue from that time the Peruvian team was able to achieve a point in La Paz.

It should be noted that Christian Ramos and Christina Cueva They were also present in the last qualifying match where Peru lost 2-0 to Bolivia, José Carvallo was a substitute. Now that same situation could happen again. With several casualties, both the defender and the attacker have the most experience playing in La Paz.

Peru vs Bolivia



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