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Messi is a genius, but is he an acrobat? Cirque du Soleil show that pays tribute to him arrives in Peru

On October 17, while Peru suffered against Argentina in the North American 2026 qualifiers at the National Stadium, there was a child in the stands unconcerned about the score; Instead, he waited for an opportunity. He jumped onto the grass, evaded security and ran straight toward Lionel Messi—footballer, businessman, philanthropist— to embrace him. They immediately took him off the field, but with a happy smile on his face; an example of the effect that this 36-year-old player has on people, whether because of his two decades of professional career, because of the records he broke, because of his cultural icon status or because of the World Cup he won.

The footballer returns to Peru, but not in person, but as a performing arts show. Cirque du Soleil (Cirque of the Sun) brings to Lima “Messi 10″, a circus show that has already toured cities such as Barcelona, ​​Doha, Buenos Aires and Rosario and is now reaching more places. It is the first time that this company collaborates with a world-class footballer. ““It is a totally innovative, new, exciting show that infects circus fans.”said Matias Lóizaga, executive producer of the show, who immediately names his compatriot as the best soccer player of all time.

Developed in Montreal, where the cultural company has its offices, Messi 10 is a project worked on for years, with 30 artists on stage from 21 nationalities, who train day and night to perform tricks that could last only seconds in front of the public. The commitment to transmit the life of the footballer with acrobatics is present. It is a staging about a player, but at the same time it works as a tribute to the “king of the game” in all its dimensions. “The director’s goal was for you to leave the show excited by what you see, but also inspired to try to emulate and bring out the best in you”said the organizer.

The spokesperson also said that Messi 10 seeks to transmit the values ​​of the footballer, as a teammate (Barcelona, ​​PSG, Inter Miami) and as a family man (he has two children). “The greatest compliment they have given us is that many people repeat [el visionado de la obra]entire families, that the couple comes first and then the whole family repeats or they bring the grandparents,” added the businessman.

It is a show supported by technology as well, which combines acrobatics with projections, so that the player’s image is present on the stage, which in a way imitates a soccer field. And the viewer? Because of the seating arrangement, you could feel like you’re in a stadium grandstand, ready to watch the team’s star play.

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Seeing the acrobats apply soccer movements in their routines, bringing the emotion of the stadium to the circus, one question arises: Could Messi not be considered, apart from being a soccer player, an acrobat? Because what he does on the court can seem like magic, or something almost impossible. “Yes, why not”, answers Lóizaga. “That is what the show also tries to convey, with stunts that are impeccable, unexpected and that no one could do. It also emulates something that Leo has done.”

Finally, a question: Has Lionel Messi seen Messi 10? Yes. What’s more; He has been an active participant in the creation of the show. The footballer selected the music together with Sony, and his family has also been involved in the development of the circus show. They have approved the numbers of the work, as well as the videos that appear. They visited rehearsals in Montreal, among other support activities. In short, it is an experience for the whole family with the seal of approval of this generation’s goalscorer. Not to miss it.

“Messi 10 by Cirque Du Soleil”

Place: Great Arena Tent 1 (Costa Verde)

Dates: From August 7 (16 performances in total)

Presale: from March 20 to 24 at (exclusive with BCP cards)

Source: Elcomercio

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