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Argentina vs. Uruguay: Who is Roberto Tobar, the referee of the ‘Clásico de La Plata?

The meeting between Argentina and Uruguay by Qualifying Qatar 2022 It is one of the encounters that promises great emotions. Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez they will see the faces and the referee Roberto Tobar will be in charge of delivering justice at the Antonio Vespucio Liberti Stadium. But who is the head judge?

The 43-year-old Chilean has a controversial history leading the Qualifying Qatar 2022 and the peruvian team knows it very well. Tobar was in the duel between the Red-White and Brazil in Lima, which ended with the expulsion of Carlos Zambrano and the Neymar show. However, the judge FIFA would have a dark past.

Roberto Tobar has had an extensive career in decisive matches such as confrontations between Argentina and Uruguay and also in the final of the Copa América 2019, with the Peruvian and Brazilian teams as protagonists. Judge FIFA since 2011, he was chosen as the best referee in Chile in 2013 and 2014; however, his good deeds were involved in corruption issues.

Dark past

In November 2012, Roberto Tobar He monopolized the front pages of the newspapers, but not because of a development of his activity, but because of a notorious case of corruption. The National Professional Football Association (ANFP) of Chile sanctioned him for eight months for being part of the “Club del Poker”, which was a group of referees who “met clandestinely to play cards in a department in the city of Santiago, drink alcohol and designate finger referees for the matches every weekend”, as published by Infobae in a 2018 report.

In these poker games, the loser was going to direct matches to provinces so that, with the per diem, he can recover the money bet. Being part of this group cost Roberto Tobar a sanction of eight months of inactivity between 2012 and 2013. After a long time, he returned to the green for the first leg of the Copa Libertadores between Boca Juniors vs. River Plate.


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