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Spain: Once again stunning, the Blues beat La Roja and offer themselves the League of Nations

From our special correspondent in Milan,

Enter here League of Nations. Once again stunning, the France team beat Spain in the final (2-1) to add a new title to its record. First asleep, the Blues were able to wake up to disrupt a Spanish machine a little too metronomic to be able to win. It is the return of the pragmatic France team, the one who accepts to suffer in order to better sting the opponent. France who wins, what.

A boring first half

Didier Deschamps had warned, the day before the final, that we did not deprive the Roja of the ball because we had decided. At most, it was for the Blues to have it as much as possible. We once believed France capable of this, by managing to limit the Spanish raises very high in order to project themselves as quickly as possible towards the goal. As a climax, there is this lost duel of Karim Benzema against Unai Simon (5th). Then, the band at Deschamps stopped scratching balloons, let Busquets play as in his living room and inexorably retreated in his 40 meters. From 15th to 30th, we never saw them pass the central circle.

But as often, the Spanish domination is sterile. The only problem being that in front, Benzema, Griezmann and Mbappé never saw the ball, and therefore the day, in a first period where the only notable phenomenon was the duel won by Laporte against Mbappé. DD surely appreciated.

Benzema responds to Oyarzabal

As in the semi-finals, it was not until the second half to ignite, to see the Blues go into the lard, take risks in the transitions and therefore accept to offer spaces to the Iberians who, if they do not have knew how to convert an awkward offering from Koundé (52nd), stopped being nice ten minutes later on a counterattack. After having caught Upamecano, who had replaced Varane on injury at the end of the first period, Oyarzabal left to scotch Lloris with finesse.

Luis Enrique rejoices, but the joy is short-lived. And it was his former Madrid rival, Karim Benzema, who was responsible for reseating him in the minute of a love of enveloped hitting. Too advanced and author of a fault of hand, Unai Simon is clearly guilty. The goalkeeper is also so paralyzed at the idea of ​​seeing Mbappé cold his defenders in depth that he is not far from taking it back by leaving anyhow. Unfortunately for Kyky, his lob is poorly adjusted. But the important thing is elsewhere: France set fire to the match and La Roja will not recover.

Mbappé folds the game

It was therefore only a matter of time for the Blues to finish like Fury a little earlier with Wilder. The wounded beast, tottering, finally bowed on a final blow from the French number 10, rewarded by his efforts. Thrown in depth, Mbappé fixes Unai Simon with a pass of the leg and folds the match. His celebration with the supporters has something CR7, we appreciate. Lloris, him, does his part of the job by pushing back on his line a last attempt of Oyarzabal. 2-1, bring the cup home. France succeeds Portugal in the Nations League and will therefore hold two titles for a year. High class.


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