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In Paris, tennis is considered the most practiced sport.

With 101 days until the official launch of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, INSEE just published on Tuesday a study of the sporting practices of the French, residents of the Ile-de-France and Parisians in 2022. And unlike the rest of France, where football almost systematically dominates the top step of the podium, residents of the capital, like a decade ago, prefer tennis.

In turn, the yellow ball attracts more than horse riding (2nd place) and golf (3rd place) among Parisians, and more than football (2nd place) and golf (3rd place) among Parisians. According to a spokesperson for the study, “it’s rare that football doesn’t come out on top, except in mountainous areas where skiing is the most common sport.”

Gym and judo for the little ones

Another feature of the capital is Paris, where the number of deployed licenses is significantly lower than the national average. In fact, in the City of Light, only 102 licenses are issued per 1,000 inhabitants, while the average for France is 157, and the average for the entire Ile-de-France is 139.

Finally, 55% of the licenses in use belong to young people under 20 years of age in the Ile-de-France region. Among girls in this age group, the most common sports are gymnastics (up to age 9) followed by horse riding (up to age 34), while boys favor judo until age 10 before taking up football until age 34. . In second place is tennis, regardless of gender, and lastly golf and hiking for seniors.

Source: Le Parisien

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