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‘I cried about it’: Ludovic, TikTok’s celebrity trash collector, will carry the Olympic flame and promises a ‘surprise’

He is one of 11,000 elected officials. Ludovic Francesche, 47, will carry the Olympic flame through the streets of Paris on July 15, 11 days before the opening ceremony. Known for his videos about his profession on social networks (about 500,000 followers, particularly on TikTok and Instagram), the Parisian cleaner did not hide his emotions three months before the meeting.

What does this Olympic torch relay mean to you?

“This is a unique opportunity that will be seen by more than 4 billion people around the world! I present the message of purity. I will carry the flame not as an agent, but as a person committed to a clean planet and world peace. There is no better symbol for this than the Olympic flame. I would also like there to be an Olympic Truce. Either way, I never thought I’d get to this point. I will never be able to thank the people who found me online enough. »

How did you know that you were among the lucky ones?

“They called me. I even had a choice, because besides Paris, another community wanted me (laughs). My choice fell on Paris, the city of my heart, I don’t live there, but it would be my dream. They called me before the holidays, I exploded with joy, I even cried. I almost sat down, but being at work, if “Saccage Paris” came out, it would look bad (laughs)! I couldn’t talk about it publicly, only my mother and those around me knew. »

Did you manage to remain silent?

“There was a verbal agreement, but until we received confirmation emails, we shouldn’t talk about it… And the city of Paris should have said it first. I received the famous letter, but like an idiot (sic), I lost it! This is not something you want to lose, so I had to call back to make sure. »

Moreover, you were not initially chosen for this relay…

“I applied like thousands of people, but received a negative email! You know, the emails that start with “Thank you for your application, but…”. So when they called me back, I asked them if they were sure they would hire me (laughs). I was told that I just received an automated email. »

Do you have more information about what happened on July 15th?

“They give information bit by bit. I’ve entered my clothing size and will have a great white tracksuit, but no bucket hat! It will be 200 m, but I don’t know what street I’ll be on. I was told that I can walk, I still hope that I can take my time (laughs). What I do know is that there are logistics and a big security bubble around all of this. When I think about this, I tell myself: if someone shoots and I get something, it will be a good death…”

How do you plan to convey this message?

“I have one or two little surprises, but I can’t say anything. I have to manage my own affairs. What if they refuse to let me send a message? I don’t think so. »

Where does this commitment come from?

“When I was 5 or 6 years old, I lived on an estate called Le Cabanon. Like in the series “Dallas”, only without the money (laughs)! As I was hiding behind a cypress tree, I saw a monster approaching: a garbage truck. I told myself that these people are geniuses. It came from there. »

Source: Le Parisien

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