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“Women’s football in Peru needs to continue its path towards professionalization”: the dream after the moment of the Sub 20 that seeks to go to the World Cup

We asked these questions to four local journalism leaders, who usually cover women’s soccer.

1. What reflection does this female Sub 20 leave you with, which has already added 4 points in the South American Championship?

2. Who are the soccer players who have surprised you the most?

3. What do they and women’s soccer in Peru need to continue growing?

Luccina Aparicio – Radio Ovación

1. When there is discipline, love for the shirt, dedication and talent, many things can be achieved. Not only on the part of the players but also from the Technical Command that if a coach gives confidence, the results fall under his own weight.

2. Mía León, Birka Ruiz and Mariale Espejo surprised me.

3. It is urgently required to work on training, the support of private companies and clubs. Added to what is already coming. Working federation.

Pamela Fernández – Radio Ovación

1. When Emily Lima arrived in Peru, she introduced a complete structure that aligns with the work of Jaqueline Ucella, coach of the U-20. The conviction of the players to be protagonists with the ball is evident, seeking to play at ground level and vertically.

2. The soccer players who have surprised me the most are Mía León (central midfielder) and Emily Arévalo (central defender), who play for Madrid FF in Spain and in the reserve team for Bristol City in England, respectively. Sashenka Porras has continued to stand out in Alianza Lima. Valerie Gherson’s maturity has been notable, and it is expected that she will consolidate herself at Universitario de Deportes. Lucerito Huamán (Alianza Lima), Linda Espinoza (Sporting Victoria), Lucía Arcos (Alianza Lima), Birka Ruiz (Alianza Lima) and Melany Moncada (Sporting Cristal) have also demonstrated her skills.

3. Women’s soccer in Peru needs to continue its path towards professionalization. It is essential to expand the sports infrastructure, offer better salaries for female players, and increase the dissemination of the sport to gain more visibility and support. These steps are crucial to ensure the sustained growth and development of women’s football in the country.

Solange Soto – Journalist El Comercio

1. That processes with work have their results. The work of strategists Jaqueline Ucella, Emily Lima and their technical command is bearing fruit from the under 17, under 20 and senior levels. Scouting of footballers is essential to form a group that stands out internationally.

2. They are all showing order and attitude, but I stick with the forwards Sashenka Porras and Linda Espinoza who scored the winning goal against Ecuador.

3. Go hand in hand with the Federation, that they provide them with the best working conditions and that it is noted that the realization of the national Women’s League goes hand in hand with the National Team. The contribution of private companies is also essential.

Denise Vera – Sports journalist

1. That there are training processes which are being worked well and that parental support is really important.

2. Just the athletes who have scored so far have always had their parents supporting them since they started and some have left their homes to come to Lima to play, such as the case of Birka Ruiz who began playing with Atlético Trujillo, which began as a local academy or like Linda Espinoza, although we saw her last year playing with Sporting Victoria, she has carried out a training process with local teams which were always minors and work in a formative manner.

3. They should have exclusive tournaments for their categories and minors, that way they could have more arena and minutes.


Source: Elcomercio

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