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“Each one kills for the other”, the essence that the Sub 20 reflects in the voices of its protagonists

The same thing is also experienced at a table in the concentration hotel. There, via Zoom, team figures Valerie Gherson and Birka Ruiz talk to us about their motivations, with coach Jaqueline Ucella always by their side, as on the playing field.

Valerie, an attacker who plays for Universitario, describes in two words what this selection means to her: “Our essence is competitiveness and attitude, because in training we work hard and with attitude. Because there may be talent, but without attitude you can’t achieve anything.”

With fewer words, Birka, the attacker who plays for Alianza Lima, releases what could be the motto of the Sub 20: “We kill for each other and it has been noticed on the field.”

And this is what has been seen in every match in the group stage. Dominated by Argentina, but it was 1-1. Physically outmatched by Ecuador, but they won 2-0. Against Paraguay they lost due to a defensive error and the victory against Uruguay was with a lot of heart. This is how they entered the hexagonal that begins on Tuesday and that grants four places for the World Cup in the category.

For this reason, although each one has scored two goals and are the team’s top scorers, they do not want to stop at that, but rather that “we are an entire team, eleven on the field and those on the bench,” says Valerie. “Without a good defense, goals are worthless,” she adds.

That is why in this Sub 20 each one stands out in the role that corresponds to them. To Lucía Arcos defending the goal, to Mía León with the start from behind, to Melannie Mondaca as the driver, to Sashenka running everything in the attack front, and of course, to Valerie and Birka for their goals.

“They are warriors,” Ucella highlights about her team and that is what this technical command wants to instill in each female category, she knows that you can compete with your own weapons, and that it will be the effort of each one that takes them to the awards. greater.

—The head of the group—

But there is more than just goals and split plays, there are stories behind each of the girls. There are six players who were born outside the country, four who come from the provinces. And the coaching staff that has Ucella as coach, but with Emily Lima as the head of everything, comes from Brazil. A mix that is working.

And as the coach says, it works because of the girls’ work, to which they only guide and contribute with information.

The group has been training since last year, but it is a work that began three years ago, when the recruitment of the girls began in 2021.

Last year, they already beat Venezuela and Chile in the Sub 19 Evolution Tournament, a contest that dictated that the first steps were being taken and that were complemented this year with three microcycles led by Ucella –two in Chincha–, where “they She trains intensely, which is how matches are experienced,” as the Brazilian herself says.

It is the story of the Sub 20, a happy story that could have a historic ending.


Source: Elcomercio

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