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“In a few years he will remember that he became the player he always dreamed of being”: The story behind Diego Elías’ historic world title

He reappeared lighter. With an impeccable physical condition and his usual stylistic ways. He had, however, regained his lost concentration. Already on his return in El Gouna he seemed like a different athlete. The same talent but with another level of adrenaline and confidence. Against the odds, however, after two fantastic rounds he lost in straight sets against veteran former world champion Tarek Momen.

Diego Elias
His great achievements

First South American to compete in a semifinal of the World Squash Championships

First South American to play in a World Championships final

First South American to win a world title

First Latin American to become #1 in the world

The defeat in a decisive instance against a dangerous rival, but winnable on the budget, shook the foundations; At this level, if you blink, you will be singed. Paradoxically, it was in that setback where today’s wonder began to take shape. Getting up was part of the learning tasks.

Two weeks later in the world championship Diego was able to beat everyone: with the Spanish Pajares (who had surprised him once) with the rising Ibrahim, and with three world number ones at different times Karin Abdel Gawad, Ali Farag (current leader of the ranking ) and Mostafa Asal. Diego crushed the Egyptians in their own fiefdom, giving up a single leg in his triumphant journey. The key, in addition to the sublime level of his game, was in his head. Before, he admits, at some point in difficult matches he stopped fighting, not now.

Those guts accompanied his dad when he played professionally. Now, they have also awakened in his son. Diego is 27 years old, just the right age to become the best version of himself. He has scared away all of his nightmares: those of others and his own.

Source: Elcomercio

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