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Paris 2024 Olympics: Anna Hidalgo has had enough, condemns people who criticize the Games as ‘hard to enjoy’

At the city council, Anne Hidalgo, who was heavily involved in the 2024 Olympics in 2017, said she was “sick and tired of all the people who are trying so hard to have fun and don’t want ‘we can celebrate something together’.” . “Open your eyes and ears and allow yourself to be surprised, because this will be a completely exceptional moment,” the mayor told skeptics.

According to the socialist mayor, “popular fervor” is “growing extremely powerfully” during the journey of the Olympic flame, which crosses the country from May 8. “This popular enthusiasm will come and go in Paris,” assured Anna Hidalgo.

At his side, police prefect Laurent Nunez has worked hard in recent weeks to convey to Parisians the various security perimeters in place ahead of the opening ceremony, an unprecedented naval parade on the Seine and around various sites. Added to these local traffic restrictions are Parisians’ fears that they will not be able to move freely due to traffic congestion.

A government poster campaign, branded by the organizing committee (Cojo) and deployed on the Paris metro, encourages remote working “whenever possible”. Trade MP (PCF) Nicolas Bonnet-Oulalj criticized the campaign, criticizing “negative stories” that said: “First of all, don’t come to the Olympics.”

With 15 million visitors and 3.5 billion viewers, “all our Parisians, all our merchants, the soul of Paris, are expected to be in the spotlight” and remind us that “Paris is the world capital of gastronomy and fashion,” he insisted. So, on June 23, during Fashion Week, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour “is going to hold a special event in Paris, at the Place Vendôme, ‘because she believes that Paris is the beating heart of fashion, and that the Olympic Games are here,'” he emphasized.

Source: Le Parisien

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