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El Comercio presents the flag that the team will carry to the Copa América

We may believe that it is only made of fabric or paint, when in reality the fabric is made of love. Whether in a parade, on a flagpole or on the shield of a shirt, the Peruvian flag has the particularity of moving us, as if it were a sacred mantle that will protect.

Now that it is here, in the main hall of the historic headquarters of El Comercio on the Miró Quesada street, and that it has arrived so that, for example, Juan Carlos Oblitas can sign it next to dozens of messages written by fans who want him to Let the team do well in the next Copa América, the first thing you think about is how much love they will carry these days, how much faith, until next June 6, a group of privileged fans deliver it to the Bicolor players.

The ‘Ciego’, director of the FPF National Teams, explains it better, supported by a career that, just to cite a corner of his showcase, includes the 1975 Copa América. The managers of the firms that sponsor the team are listening attentively ( I bet you, adidas, Claro, Cristal, Big Cola, Repsol, Yape, Great Wall and Sky) and the journalistic director of El Comercio, Juan Aurelio Arévalo: “Nothing would be possible for the team without the fans. The pride they must have in wearing the national team’s shirt is the only thing the players must now think about. “They are ambassadors of the country.” The applause they receive is as if they had just scored a goal.

Fans will also be able to leave their message on La Bandera del Aliento. In the coming days, the places and dates to be part of this great experience will be announced on the portal and on social networks with the hashtag #labanderadelaliento. It’s our way of being with the team.

-The Bicolor-

The Peruvian team has already defined its itinerary with a view to the Copa América. This Friday the list of those summoned for the contest should be released. It is expected that there will be an initial call from many players who would later be reduced to 26 travelers.

Before heading to the United States, Peru will face Paraguay in a friendly on Friday, June 7 in Lima. Then, in Philadelphia, the Bicolor will hold its second friendly against El Salvador.

Afterwards, the team led by Jorge Fossati will have to face the Copa América, a tournament in which it has played the semifinals of the last two editions, in 2019 when it reached the final and in 2021, in which it finished fourth. place.

Flag of Breath Tour


Location: Derco Center

Address: Avenida República de Panamá 3683

Date: May 25

Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm⇒⇒


Location: Repsol Station

Address: Av Arequipa 4305

Date: May 26

Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


Location: Bet Shop

Address: Av. La Molina 1011

Date: May 30

Time: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm


Location: BCP Agency

Address: Jr Gamarra 562, Trujillo.

Date: May 31

Source: Elcomercio

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