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BMX world champion… at 8 years old! Ethan, Era’s nugget

He is a BMX world champion! Ethan Hosatt, a pilot licensed by the Evreux Club, won the world champion title in the 9-year-old category. He was just crowned in Rock Hill in the United States of America (USA). Less than three years after his debut in this Olympic discipline, the youngster from Bourneville-Saint-Croix (Eure) has risen to the top of the world hierarchy. In fact, it had been several weeks since Ethan and everyone around him had celebrated the occasion. For the first time at competitions of this level in his age category, which he made the main goal of the season. And for a first attempt, this is a brilliant move. And all but a surprise, also for the observers and other teachers of the Evreux club, who have accompanied the nugget since its inception.

Exceptional physical and mental qualities

At the end of March, he humbly announced the color. About the medal he planned to win in the USA. “Ethan was really eager to compete with foreign riders after winning the national title last year,” recalls Julien Marie, educator and coach at the Evreux BMX Club. Children under 8 years old do not have access to international competitions.” The impatient student knew how to be patient, working on the track again and again, without relying on predispositions unusual for his age.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this,” emphasizes Julien Marie. Ethan has one more thing. He has an exceptional ability to absorb things, be it in the technical area, especially his ability to absorb shock. But he also has physical qualities that allow him to compete with young people who are often two years older than him. And then there is the mental aspect. In the US he showed great maturity. He knew how to manage his race, leaving his main American rival behind, but at a sufficient distance. He didn’t allow his emotions to overwhelm him while he was being cared for by the French team and was thus separated from his parents during the races.”

In search of a new international title from the end of May

“We couldn’t immediately celebrate this title with him,” his parents confirm. He had to go through all the stages of the protocol and the award ceremony. He survived it well with the support of the French team. Ethan didn’t immediately understand what he had just done…”

“He started by sleeping 15 hours after returning to our house in Pont-Audemer,” explains Brice Hosatt, the young champion’s father and a former BMX racer. And then when he went back to school, he fully realized what he had achieved in the US. The reception from students and teachers and all the emotions that accompanied it made him realize what a feat he had accomplished.”

The interlude to enjoy this first game will be short-lived. At the end of May, Ethan and his family hit the road again. Destination: Italy and Verona, where they will meet the management of the French BMX team, which will try to win the continental title on Friday 31 May.

Source: Le Parisien

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