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“Polo is the most equal there is in the Cup as in League 1. Their level is stellar”: the forceful definition of the figure of the Apertura

His name is Andy Polo and he is the key that the U has to win – or try to win – any game. Any championship. On Saturday he was chosen by League 1 Te Apuesta – with absolute justice – as the best footballer in the championship. Polo is the notable figure of the team.

Is he the best player in the championship? Are we facing the best version of your professional career, which started in 2011 with Chemo del Solar on the bank? Starting from that point, El Comercio contacted prominent sports journalists to analyze Andy Polo’s performance with the Universitario de Deportes shirt.

  • 1. Is Andy Polo the best player in League 1? Because?
  • 2. Do you have a chance of being a starter for Jorge Fossati’s team?

Daniel Kanashiro – League 1 Max

1. Yes, Polo’s performance is the most even there is on both fronts, both in Libertadores and in Liga1. The plus to have it as the best in the League is that every good Polo match ends in 3 points for the U.

2. Owner I don’t know, as long as Advíncula maintains the level in Boca it will be difficult. The most important thing is that the right wing of the team is very well covered.

Diego Rebagliati – Movistar Sports

1. It is one of the best without a doubt.

2. Obviously he can be a starter, but the fight with Advíncula is a good problem for Fosatti. For me I should see a way to have both of them in the eleven.

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Pedro Ortiz Bisso – Collaborator of El Comercio

1. Andy Polo is one of the best players in League 1, perhaps the most influential, but let’s not forget Serna or Ignacio.

2. Of course. Carrillo no longer has the speed he once did and his position on the field has changed. We will have to see how he does in the fight with Advíncula.

Ricardo Montoya – Liga 1 Max

1. It is difficult to compare positions on the field, but without a doubt, within his position as a full-back, he is undoubtedly the best in the championship. But there are other interesting players, such as Serna, Federico Rodríguez, Ignacio Da Silva, Yotún. Andy Polo’s thing is superlative, I think ‘Bigote’ Rodríguez is a little lower.

2. Without a doubt yes, we would have to see where Advíncula goes, but I think there are possibilities, because Fossati knows him and his level is stellar.

Source: Elcomercio

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