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Gustavo Dulanto’s Sheriff and a new feat in the Champions League: the points he needs to qualify for the second round

Sheriff live a real dream in the Champions League. It reached for the first time in its history the group stage of the contest; he started his way on the right foot, beating Shakhtar 2-0; he hit the ball at the Santiago Bernabéu by beating Real Madrid 2-1; and now he is going for a new victim, Inter Milan. Months before, no one would have believed it. But that’s the way dreams are.

The Sheriff must face another major challenge when he visits Inter Milan this Tuesday, October 19 (2:00 pm). At San Siro, the black-yellow team seeks to surprise again with Gustavo Dulanto as one of the protagonists.

The Peruvian defender stood out in the match against Shakhtar and also had a good performance against Real Madrid. . However, the most important thing now is to shine against the ‘Nerazzurri’ and help his team achieve another positive result.

The task will not be easy. It’s about none other than the Inter de Milan, the current champion of Italy. However, there are reasons for the Sheriff to be excited about a valuable victory at the San Siro.

– The unhappiness of Inter Milan –

Having beaten Real Madrid at home is already enough argument for the Tiraspol team to believe in a victory while visiting Inter. In addition, it is important to note that the ‘Nerazzurri’ have not had a good time in their last appearances in the Champions League.

In fact, . In the 2018/19 season he returned to the Champions League after six years, but his presence in the tournament became fleeting. In that campaign they finished in third place in their group with eight points, below Barcelona (1st) and Tottenham (2nd).

Then, in 2019/20 they occupied the same place with seven points, behind Barcelona (1st) and Borussia Dortmund (2nd). While in 2020/21 it was their worst participation, after finishing last in Group B with six points, being surpassed by Real Madrid (1st), Mönchengladbach (2nd) and Shakhtar (3rd).

. The Italian team needs a victory to continue with hope in the tournament, but their next rival is the surprising Sheriff, who has just triumphed in his two games.

If he does not achieve a victory at San Siro, he will most likely add a new elimination early in his history. It could be the fifth time that the ‘Nerazzurri’ say goodbye in the group stage: in addition to the three already mentioned eliminations, there is that of 2003/04, when they finished below Arsenal (1st) and Lokomotiv Moscow (2nd).

Even in the 1989/80 season he was also eliminated in the first round. Back then, there was no group stage like now, but they left quickly after losing to Malmö in the Round of 32.


Inter de Milan, three times champion of the Champions (he won for the last time in 2009/10), he needs to recover his winning essence. For now, he continues to suffer a lot to get through the group stage and the Sheriff must use that to his advantage to continue making history.

– The points the Sheriff needs –

Surprisingly, the Sheriff he is the true leader of Group D with a perfect score. Their victories against Shakhtar and Real Madrid have served the Tiraspol club to reach the top of the table and get closer to the knockout stages of the Champions League. But still nothing is said.

First, the black-yellow team must focus on getting a good result from San Siro.

While SheriffWith nine units, he would depend on himself to get his ticket. He may even be in the round of 16 with that score, but the best thing is to secure himself with another victory. In addition, in case of a tie or loss against the ‘Nerazzurri’ everything will become more complicated, also taking into account what happens in Real Madrid vs Shakhtar.

In case of winning, he would make 9 and would agree that Real beat Shakhtar, so that the Ukrainians and Italians stay at one point.

In case of a tie. With seven points and the same, waiting for Real to win, he would equalize with 7 units with the Spanish, while Inter would stay with 2 and Shakhtar with 1.

Group DPJPtsWith Sheriff and Royal victoriesWith a draw and victory for Real
1. Sheriff2697
2. Real Madrid2377
3. Inter2112
4. Shakhtar2111
Sheriff seeks his qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League |  Photo: AP

. That way, you will get the pass to the next round as the first or second of your group.

The path is laid out. Although it is a difficult mission, Sheriff It has already shown that it is suitable for anything. The first obstacle will be Inter Milan, against whom he hopes to give a new hit. If you do, your ranking will be closer than far from coming true.


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