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University: the anticipated and unusual preseason work with a view to the Copa Libertadores

If there is something that was not seen in academic or at least it was not demonstrated, it is the planning of a season. This time, the new temporary administration in conjunction with Gregorio perez They have already finished defining all the details to face the League 1 and Liberators cup. This time, they don’t want to leave anything to chance and they have deadlines for everything.

It will be a very atypical season in Peruvian football because the League 1 would start in the fortnight of January. In addition, the participation of academic on the Liberators cup would start in February. That is why everything is already planned in the cream store.

“There is a lot of joy and a lot of satisfaction for what has been achieved, but the” U “has to fight for first place and that’s what we are aiming for. We are focused on next year to classify Libertadores as Peru 1 ″, declared Gregorio Pérez.

It’s very clear Gregorio perez. The technician repeats that, by history, academic he has to always fight for the national title. Something that has not been achieved since 2013. It is a pending task that continues to stretch from season to season.

The arrival of Gregorio perez changed the face to academic and it is expected to continue in this way in the next season. One of the most repeated words by the cream technician is that everything achieved so far was thanks to serious work.

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So one of the requests for Gregorio perez is that work begins now. One of the first steps is planning for the next season. After meeting with Jean Ferrari, e

“We have the start of the preseason on December 6. On January 8 we have Cream Night. It is not yet official, but League 1 would start the fortnight of January. After the first date there will be one for the Qualifiers until the first week of February. In that for we have planned a series of international friendlies. So we can be ready for the debut in the Copa Libertadores that would be on February 23 ”, explained Jean Ferrari.

University celebrates the first goal against Melgar (Photo: Liga1)

Of course, the steps for the nationalization of Alberto quintero. According to Ferrari, in December there could be news. If all goes well, the University will have a free quota of foreigners. That would allow you to look for one more option.

Novick is the most important player in Universitario in attack.  (Photo: University)

“I don’t like a long squad. I want to have a squad to be able to compete in both competitions. Of course, I want to have the young people with whom we will continue to work on their growth. We have to create a Reserve that is the basis of the club, ”declared Gregorio Pérez.

The Uruguayan coach has requested not to have many players on his squad. He knows that the economic situation of the club is not the best. That is why he has suggested repowering the campus and not filling it with several names.

In the coming weeks, the players for the next campaign will be defined. In University they seek to reinforce specific areas such as defense and attack. It should be noted that the arrival of Jonathan Dos Santos is impossible, so they made it known Jean Ferrari and Gregorio Pérez.

Pre-season start: December 6
Cream Night: January 8
International friendly matches: Last week of January
Start of the Libertadores: February 23



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