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Julio César Baldivieso: “Peru has an advantage because it is a local, it has been 28 years since Bolivia has won a visit” | INTERVIEW


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The profile image that opened the telephone thread through WhatsApp describes his best presentation with the Bolivian national team soccer. Julio César Baldivieso, the historic former United States 94 World Cup player, wears the number “10” shirt inherited by Marco “Diablo” Etcheverry, the captain’s armband and the background of the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz, the fort that made everyone invincible his generation. “It is a very nice photo. A memory of my career ”, he tells us. A dream night that comes to life every time your national team plays. “That time I scored two goals against Brazil in the Playoffs Korea-Japan 2002 ″, he reviews excitedly.

From Cochabamba, the “Emperor” shared his analysis of the next match that the Peruvian team and its Bolivian counterpart will hold, in Lima, on November 11, at the National Stadium. In addition, the also former coach of the highland team highlighted the Peruvian soccer team’s game, as well as the presence of Gianluca Lapadula and Jefferson Farfán, whom he considered a historic one.

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–Peru and Bolivia are direct rivals in the fight for the Qatar 2022 World Cup play-off. How do you perceive the match?

Peru is sure to propose its football, I consider that they have an important scaffolding of several years, a good litter of footballers, a luxury coaching staff with Ricardo Gareca at the head, seconded by Nolberto Solano. In the Playoffs, the local always has an advantage. They both play the illusion of qualifying for the playoffs, so it will be a very tough match.

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– Does the need for your team to re-qualify for a World Cup goes beyond the results?

Important processes are needed in lower divisions that they have been wanting to do for a long time. Build better teams for international tournaments. The great secret of football happens there, to do an important process in the lower teams.

– What do you think of the goal cards of Peru: Lapadula, Farfán and Valera?

Undoubtedly Paolo Guerrero, absent due to injury, and Jefferson Farfán, are symbols of Peruvian football, who mark history through their experience and play. , who has a lot of skill and speed. As a Bolivian, I will always want my team to do well, but I must admit that it costs us a lot as a visitor.

– Is there any other Peruvian player who worries about his game?

Christian Cueva. It is the handle of Peru. And they also have a very important player like Yotún. They both complement each other well. Together with archer Gallese and Lapadula, they are the backbone of Peru.

– What do you think of the criticism towards Yotún for having missed the penalty against Argentina?

They are circumstances of life, nobody wants to miss a penalty. Maradona, Pelé, Baggio, Messi, Ronaldo, anyone can miss a penalty, it is no reason to crucify anyone. There are precisely players who hide to kick a penalty and others, like Yotún, who assumed such great responsibility.

–The Peruvian Football Federation expected a greater capacity of fans for Peru-Bolivia, at the National Stadium …

It motivated me more, it made me bigger when there was more public against it. Obviously you have to take care of life due to the pandemic, here in Bolivia the fourth wave has started. The coronavirus gave me and my whole family when there were no vaccines, but thank God we got out of this situation.

-In his time as a footballer, Bolivia became strong at home and got vital points as a visitor …

. They also say that the statistics are to be broken, so let’s hope it is that way. Although it is very difficult to win as a visitor. Peru surprises with the football it has, and when it plays at home there is also a separate plus.

–Why haven’t Etcheverry or Baldivieso appeared in Bolivian football anymore?

They are different generations, but I hope that a new breed of players will appear that will make the historical ones of twenty-eight years ago forget and that they qualify for a World Cup. I had the virtue of not being intimidated by anyone. I really liked playing against adversity, it made me bigger. Now we have lost the mystique, the self-love and even the personality. Paradoxically, they give us more of a place abroad than within the country.

-In that way?

And it is that nobody is a prophet in his own land. Here they give more value to the foreigner than to the national. So, it is what we have to reverse, we want a little more and in our own country. I will always think like that, because I had the opportunity to play many times outside of Bolivia. Many times we have been looked down upon in our own land.

– How did you feel having played with Diego Maradona’s number “10” shirt at Newell’s Old Boys?

God has given me many privileges in life, one of them was having the pride of wearing the shirt that Maradona defended, the greatest. It is a source of satisfaction, it will always remain in the history of my loved ones.

– Did soccer leave you Peruvian friends?

Hirano and Olaechea, teammates in Bolívar, two great people, great footballers. I have great affection for them. Also Percy Olivares, “Chevo” Acasuzo, Flavio Maestri. I am an admirer of Héctor Chumpitaz and Julio César Uribe, who were in Bolivia.

-Your son made his professional football debut at the age of twelve, but retired at the age of 26. What happened?

Yes, Mauricio. There are colleagues who have not had the opportunity to play in a World Cup, and they resent us. There are many people who make us pay with our children, it is unfortunate, that they have nothing to do with it. He left football and is now a young businessman here in Bolivia. He is also studying aviation.



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