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Gianluca Lapadula and Marcelo Martins: Who comes to Peru at the best time vs. Bolivia?

There is no longer any margin for error. If the peruvian team wants to continue with the dream of going to Qatar 2022, has to defeat Bolivia this Thursday at the Nacional. The red-white cannot yield more points at home. And in the match against La Verde, it’s time for him to appear Gianluca Lapadula and no Marcelo Martins Moreno.

For Thursday’s game, the peruvian team has to be at a high level to beat one Bolivia that comes in tune. This meeting also has to serve for the Peruvian strikers to make their debut in these Playoffs.


However, it should be noted that the attackers had the bad luck of not arriving in good condition in the past. For instance, Gianluca Lapadula and Paolo Guerrero were not physically well on the last triple date. The captain is still treated for a knee problem and the Bambino is better than ever.

“I am very well physically, I have no problem. We are more united than ever, we have to think of one game at a time. With our fans by our side we can achieve any goal, “the Benevento striker told RPP.


Gianluca Lapadula commands the forward list that he summoned Ricardo Gareca for the matches before Bolivia and Venezuela. The other alternatives that the ‘Tigre’ has are Alex Valera and Jefferson Farfán.

Gianluca Lapadula sent a message after the defeat of the Peruvian National Team.  (Photo: Gustavo Ortiz / GEC)

On the contrary, it happens with Bolivia. The altiplano team has in its ranks Marcelo Martins Moreno. The attacker has 8 points in these Qualifiers, almost the same amount that the Peruvian team made. In addition, he is the scorer of this World Cup path.

“We are going to work and think about how we are going to face Peru, which is a very competitive team, which is also fighting for a place in the Qualifiers. The group is aware of the importance of the game and we are going to play them as I always said, “said Martins at a press conference.

Are Qualifiers to Qatar 2022, they are being the best of all his career. He wants to take Bolivia to play its fourth World Cup. Something that he hasn’t done since United States 1994. The forward is the most dangerous player in La Verde.

Marcelo Martins refers to the match against the Peruvian team.  (Photo: AP)

At the club level, both Gianluca Lapadula and Marcelo Martins They play in Second. The Bolivian plays Serie B in Brazil with cruise and the Peruvian does the same in Italy with the Benevento. Nevertheless, here the Bambino takes advantage.

Marcelo Martins Moreno returned to Cruzeiro in 2020. (Photo: AFP).

Also, this year, Marcelo Martins Moreno solo has scored 6 so many with Cruzeiro. The same thing you did Gianluca Lapadula in its premiere in Serie B with the Benevento. The Bambino in the whole year has a record of 11 goals with his club.

Gianluca Lapadula and Marcelo Martins Moreno they will see each other this Thursday. The Peruvian has an outstanding debt that must be paid. The team needs their goals to keep dreaming about Qatar 2022.



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