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América TV live 2021: where to watch the signal for free and how to download América TV Go

America TV o Channel 4 is an open television signal with different and varied content in which the matches of the peruvian team in the Qualifying Qatar 2022. You can see for free, from anywhere in the country or abroad, the comparisons of the ‘Bicolor’ on your television or also on your cell phone, tablet or PC with the application of America TV Go. In this note you know how to do it.

Where to tune in to América Televisión?

Next, see which channels América TV tune into on the different operators. According to the plan you have contracted, you will be able to locate the Channel 4 signal.

America TV on DirecTV Sports

  • Canal 194 (SD/HD)
  • Canal 1194 (HD)

América TV on Movistar TV

  • Channel 4 (Analog and Digital)
  • Canal 104 (SD)
  • Canal 704 (HD)
  • Canal 804 (HD)

América TV on Claro TV

  • Canal 4 (SD)
  • Canal 504 (HD)
  • Canal 1004 (HD)

América TV programming today, Thursday, November 11

  • 05:15 | America News – First Edition
  • 09:30 | America Today
  • 11:00 | What happens to my family?
  • 12:00 | America News – Midday Edition
  • 13:00 | On everyone’s lips
  • 15:00 | At the bottom there is room
  • 16:00 | The soulless
  • 17:00 | The Miracles of the Rose
  • 18:50 | This is war
  • 21:30 | Moonlight
  • 22:30 | America News – Central Edition
  • 23:30 | The Chinese band

Where to see America tvGo live?

If you are away from home or abroad, you can follow all América Televisión programming through its América TVGO application. Here you will find the complete content of Channel 4 and also the matches of Peru in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

Links to download and install America tvGo for free

  • Download América TV Go on Google Play Store
  • Download America TV Go on Apple’s App Store

Step by step to see America tvGo live

  1. Enter the portal
  2. Click on “FREE LIVE TV” and then on “next”
  3. Sign up with your Facebook account or fill out the form
  4. Check your email to get the password to activate the account
  5. Access “Login” and enter with your password or email

This way you will be able to watch America tvGo for free. However, if you want to see the full content, you must subscribe to a paid package.

How to subscribe to America tvGo?

  1. Select the “Subscribe” button
  2. Choose the payment package and click on “next”
  3. Enter your email and password and then click on “register”
  4. Select the payment method and you’re done

Packages available to have America tvGo

  • Monthly: S / 9.90
  • Anual: S/ 89.90
  • Free: Unlimited (Live signal only)

What does América tvGo offer you?

  • Soap operas: Premiere of Luz de Luna, La Rosa de Guadalupe in its Peruvian version
  • In the background there is Site, Back to the Neighborhood, This is Life, Dos Hermanas, Los Vílchez, Chapa tu Combi and much more. Korean novels:
  • Lonely beauty, Descendants of the Sun and Marry me.Peruvian Movies
  • : “The final hour”, “Recontraloca”, “Twins without cure”, “It is not what it seems” and many others.Series exclusivas
  • : Celebrate Peru to know the festivities of the regions of our country, Con Sazón and more.Newscasts
  • : Fourth Power, Sunday a day, America News, America Sports and more.Magazines
  • : Queens of the Show, In Boca de Todos, La Banda del Chino, El Reventonazo and more. Sports:
  • Peruvian national team matches in South American Qualifiers towards Qatar 2022.
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