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After Mexico’s defeat by qualifying, ‘Memo’ Ochoa’s wife receives threats

The year ended for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers and Mexico he didn’t get the results he needed, complicating his chances of qualifying for the next World Cup. One of the most criticized is the archer Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa and today, his wife reported that she had received threats.

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The hard defeat by 2-1 a Canada by the last date of the year of Qualifying Qatar 2022 stoked the wave of criticism for Mexico and above all to ‘Memo’ Ochoa. Karla Mora, his wife, received insults and hate messages and she decided to make them public on her social networks.

“Tell your p … not to play in the National Team anymore, if it’s not time to kill yourself and rape you and your family”, was one of the messages that Mora received. However, this would not be the only threat that the wife of Guillermo Ochoa.

‘Memo’ Ochoa’s wife showed threatening messages. (Photo: Capture).

Answers and concern

Faced with this intense and critical situation, Karla Mora revealed the messages and left one asking for an end to the attacks. “Hate does not lead to anything good. It is a sport, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We are all human beings and we can all make mistakes “.

On the other hand, the archer of Mexico It has not commented on this issue, but Aztec media have indicated their concern. With the defeat of the Aztec cadre, Canada took the top of the final octagonal with 16 points, one more than the United States (2nd) and two more than their rival on duty.

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