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The athlete whose gold medal was taken from him in a Spanish race for not wearing his team’s jersey

Lima, November 30, 2021Updated on 11/30/2021 01:23 pm

Incredible but true has been what has happened to the Burundian athlete Rodrigo Kwizera at the Cross de la Constitución de Alcobendas, in Madrid, Spain, The last Sunday. The African runner was disqualified for wearing a shirt of his sponsoring brand instead of his club’s.

A rule that, according to his own club, the athlete did not know and that applies in the cases of athletes with a Spanish license. Kwizera has been the great dominator of the cross-country testing season. The African not only won in Alcobendas, but also days ago in Itálica and Soria.

The corridor of the Playas de Castellón club received the news of his disqualification after the medal ceremony for the race held in the community of Alcobendas. Thus victory goes to the athlete Abdessamad Oukhelfen and all participants move up one place.

Controversial decision

According to the Mediterranean newspaper, it is curious that the Burundian athlete it will pass without problems by the judge of the call room, who supervises the passage of the athletes in the warm-up area, and allows them to compete normally, communicating the disqualification after the delivery of medals.

In this sense, it is strange that none of the judges of the Alcobendas race warned Kwizera to put on his club’s jersey and the athlete to compete and win. The decision has caused great controversy among fans and supporters of cross country competitions.


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